Collaboration with is a European webshop for sales of sex toys, erotic gift boxes and accessories. Are you interested in earning money by marketing us on your website or testing our products so you can mention them in your blog? Maybe you need a sponsor for an event? See below for information on the different opportunities we can offer for collaboration.

Want to earn money as an affiliate partner?

How you would benefit from an affiliate partnership with

  • High conversion rate
  • Up to 25 % commission for sales
  • Automatically updated product feeds
  • Large selection of banners
  • 14-day cookie period


You can obtain good conversions with, as we offer:

  • Large selection of high-quality sex toys
  • Large selection of product guides and information videos
  • Free shipping on all purchases above £55
  • Up to 365-day return policy
  • Discreet and fast delivery


  • PPC bids using Sinful's name or variations thereof are not allowed.
  • has a comprehensive in-house PPC program. We do not want affiliates competing with our own campaigns.
  • No commission for sales where Sinful's own Google Ads or emails are the last click before the customer's purchase.

Registration offers an affiliate program. Contact our marketing department here to participate in the Affiliate Program or if you would like more information about your options.

Looking for a sponsorship collaboration??

If you have any queries about sponsorships for various charities, please contact us here. When you contact us, it will be easier for us to reach a decision on your request for collaboration if you include the following information:

  • Description of the project / event
  • If applicable, what types of products you are interested in?
  • Your expectations of Sinful?
  • How Sinful will benefit from the sponsorship?

Please note that Sinful does not offer cash sponsorships. The only type of sponsorship we can offer is in the form of products available in our webshop.

Looking to work as a product tester?

Normally, product testing collaboration is when we sponsor the product for free in return for a mention of the product and a dofollow link to the product in a blog or on social media. Product mentions will normally be in the form of a review.

A large number of bloggers and Instagrammers contact us to request collaboration relating to product testing and promotion.

Do you have a blog, Facebook profile and/or more than 10,000 followers on Instagram? Are you interested in a collaboration with us? Contact us here for more information.

We will respond to all enquiries and will assess each case individually to determine whether we can collaborate with you or not.

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