Clone-A-Willy Moulding Powder Refill
Clone-A-Willy Moulding Powder Refill
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Clone-A-Willy Refill Moulding Powder  1
Clone-A-Willy Refill Moulding Powder  2

Clone-A-Willy Moulding Powder Refill

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Product Description

Clone-A-Willy Moulding Powder is ingenious if you want to make a new cast of your penis. Clone-A-Willy Refill Powder can be used with all Clone-A-Willy products.

100% body-friendly and medically tested materials.

How to use the Clone-A-Willy moulding powder:
When the powder is mixed with water, you have only 2 minutes until the mass solidifies.
1) Pour 315 ml of warm water (32˚) into a bowl.
2) Add the powder to the water in the bowl, and whisk well for 30 seconds.
3) Pour the liquid mass in the tube from your original Clone-A-Willy pack; place your penis in the tube. You have 30 seconds for this.
4) Allow the liquid mass to solidify. It takes approximately one minute.
5) Remove your penis from the tube.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Moulding powder.
WEIGHT: 85 g.
LANGUAGE: English.
N.B.: Casting tube not included. Use this with the original Clone-A-Willy pack.


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