Fun Factory Smartballs DUO
Fun Factory Smartballs DUO
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Fun Factory Smartballs DUO

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Product Description

Smart balls DUO is for those who have already trained their pelvic floor with Smart Balls Uno, or other easier-to-use kegel balls and now are ready for a bigger challenge.

The prize-winning Smart Balls DUO weighs 72 g and consists of two balls, both of which have a built-in geisha ball that rotates when you move. This makes your pelvic floor workout extra stimulating and when the centre of gravity of the balls shift then the body has to hold on extra tight to make sure the balls do not fall out. The inner balls thus helps to make the workout even more effective, so you can quickly tighten your pelvic floor muscles, increase the sensitivity of your vagina and address incontinence. You can do this without anyone being able to hear you. Your partner will also notice a firmer grip on his penis, if you have strong pelvic muscles.

How to use Smart Balls DUO:
First you insert the Kegel balls into the vagina, squeezing onto them and then you can begin with your kegel exercises. The new Smart Balls DUO has a small hoop into which the fingers fit perfectly which makes insertion easier. We recommend lubricating the balls with a little water-based lubricant for easier insertion. To start off, you can try the kegel exercises while laying down until you get use to the balls.

Laying down: Pinch for 5 minutes and then take a break. It is important that you do it properly. When you want to do kegel exercises with balls you need create a pinching motion starting from the back at the entrance of the anus. Then move the pinching feeling toward the vagina and trying to pull the navel in towards the spine.

Walking/standing: When you are strong enough to walk around with your kegel balls, you will do your kegel exercises without thinking about it. The balls need your muscles to contract in order to hold them up. When you are finished with your pelvic floor workout you can easily and gently take Smart Balls Duo out again, by pulling on the silicone cord that is located at the bottom. Pelvic floor training is recommended by midwives and gynaecologists. For some women, pelvic floor balls can also add to general erotic stimulation.

Women who have given natural birth, that have a dropped or tilted uterus and women who have had a hysterectomy are recommended to use the Smart Balls UNO instead.

PRIZE WINNER: Best Kegel Ball test winner.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Medical silicone exterior, ABS interior.
TOTAL LENGTH: Approximately 17 cm.
Measurement, CORD: Approximately 7.5 cm.
WEIGHT: 72 g.
USER GUIDE: German, English.


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