OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel Balls
OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel Balls
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OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel Balls
OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel Balls
OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel Balls
OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel Balls
OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel Balls
OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel Balls
OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel Balls - AWARD WINNER  1

OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel Balls

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Product Description

OhMiBod LoveLife Flex is an exclusive set of 3 heart-shaped Kegel balls of various sizes and weights that can help you achieve a stronger and healthier pelvis. Most women also experience increased sexual desire and a more intense sensitivity in their pelvis if they train as often as recommended by both sexperts, midwives and gynaecologists.

LoveLife Flex Kegel balls from OhMiBod are made from silicone, giving them a comfortable soft and silky finish. We recommend you use a good water-based lubricant with your LoveLife Flex Kegel balls, making for easy and effortless insertion and extraction.  

Begin with the biggest LoveLife Flex Kegel ball. It is lower in weight and bigger in size, which makes it easier to hold in place. Inside the Kegel ball there is a geisha-ball, which moves the centre of gravity when you move. This activates your pelvic muscles and you get a better pelvic training. 

The smaller Kegel ball is good to use once the bigger ball workout becomes too easy. That ball is smaller in size and heavier than the first Kegel ball, making it more challenging to hold it in place, and so more of a workout. 

The double Kegel ball is the heaviest and most difficult to hold in place. This is the Kegel ball for when you have built up strength in your pelvic muscles and you want the maximum degree of challenge.

in 2014, OhMiBod won the Red Dot Design award for the LoveLife range product design.

How to use your OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel balls:
Start with inserting the easiest Kegel ball and contracting your pelvic muscles for about 5 seconds with a 5 second break. When you are working-out your pelvic muscles it is important to properly relax them too. You must start your contracting muscles from the rear at your anus, slowly moving forward against vaginal muscles and finally try to pull the navel in toward the back. The exercise can be done in 3 sets of 10 contractions, 3 to 5 times a week. 

When your muscles strengthens, and the easiest Kegel ball is not a challenge any more, then use the middle size Kegel ball alternating 10 second exercise with 10 second break. If you wish to, and it feels right for you, you can do your pelvic exercises daily.

After use clean your OhMiBod LoveLife Flex Kegel balls with warm water and a sex toy cleaner.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Medical silicone.
No.1: 35 g. Diameter: 3.2 cm.
No.2: 45 g Diameter: 2.8 cm.
No.3: 82 g Diameter: 2.8 cm.
CABLE, MEASUREMENT: Approximately 9 cm.
ACCESSORY: 1 pcs. Satin pouch.
USER GUIDE: English.


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