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baseks Rechargeable Green Mini Magic Wand

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Drizzle some sparkling buzz on your next pearl polishing session with this green mini magic wand from baseks. The flexible head is prepared for some serious rubbing, with blissful vibrations providing the final oh-so-magical touch.

The green handle of this mini pleaser fits easily in the palm of your hand. Choose between the gentle purr of the softer vibrations and the powerful, deeper rumbles that follow. The flexibility of the head allows you to target your clit and vulva with precise strokes.

Apply a dash of water-based lube and guide the rounded head in circles, triangles, squares - or whichever way you like it best.

Clean your redheaded spell-catcher with warm water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner.

Product Weight (g)78
Full Length (cm)13
Diameter (cm)2.9
Power SourceM1 USB Magnetic charger
Play Time (min.)95
Vibration Pattern(s)7
Vibration Speed(s)3
Primary MaterialSilicone
ColourMixed colours
Recommended LubeWater based
LanguageDanish, English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, French, German, Dutch
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