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Bedroom Bliss Sex Spreader Padded Bar with Restraints

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Elevate your kinky play with the Bedroom Bliss Sex Spreader, designed to spread arms or legs comfortably, thanks to its padded, high-density foam cushion.

The set includes everything you need, with both wrist and ankle cuffs. The built-in cuffs ensure secure restraint, while the ergonomic design supports your body weight, preventing you from sinking into the pillow.

Experiment with naughty positions. Place the bar behind the shoulders to arch the chest, under the lower back to lift the hips, or under the neck to prop up the head. Position it under the pelvis or hips to easily access the G-spot or P-spot or between the thighs and ankles to protect the knees while kneeling.

Keep wrists, ankles, or both spread wide for ultimate pleasure and control. After your steamy session, the bolster cushion is easy to clean—just wipe it down, and it's ready for next time.

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