beGLOSS Special Wash for Imitation Leather 250 ml var 1

beGLOSS Special Wash for Imitation Leather 250 ml

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Get the most out of your fetish outfit with the beGLOSS Special Wash for imitation leather.

A cleansing lotion which disinfects, cleans and protects any form of wetlook-, PU- and imitation leather clothes.

- Mix a solution of 5 litres of cold water and 10 ml beGLOSS. - Submerge the clothes and blend well, so that you are sure it all gets treated (max. 10 min). - Rinse with a generous amount of cold water.

With hard water (high levels of calcium) it is important to dry all drops before the outfit dries. Use a lint-free cloth (for eg. the beGLOSS Wipe Polish cloth).

Wash with Special Wash to remove bacteria and remove the smell of perspiration, after dancing the night away. It leaves the material extra soft with maximum durability.

Neutral fragrance and gentle against your skin, and favourite outfits.

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