Beppy Soft + Comfort Tampons Wet 8 pcs var 1

Beppy Soft + Comfort Tampons Wet 8 pcs

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Beppy Wet Comfort is a smart and comfortable alternative to tampons for "that time of the month". It is a small, soft pink tampon, which is 5 cm long and 3 cm high. The soft sponge-material means it is easy to insert, because it adapts to the shape of your inner anatomy. It is developed by a team of gynaecologists who have considered the special form of the sponge.

The sponges has added vaginal intimate cream, which makes it even more comfotable to use. Beppy tampons are designed for women who wish to have complete freedom of movement when travelling, during sport and swimming, and even during sex. The sponge has great absorbency and ensures that you stay clean and dry when you use it.

Beppy tampons are single-use products. You can use them for between 4-8 hours, all depending on how heavy or not your flow is. The tampons are also available in a dry version without the added vaginal intimate cream. Try both kinds and see which suits you best.

Note: Beppy Wet does not recommend having sex if your partner is very long, as the sponge will get get pushed too far back in the vagina.

How to use a Beppy tampon: 1. Wash your hands thoroughly. 2. Remove the sponge from it's packaging and take it between your thumb and index finger - pressing it together. 3. It is easiest to insert up if you stand up with one leg on a, for eg. chair. 4. Use your other hand to "open", and insert the sponge as high up as you possibly can. 5. When it is time to remove the sponge, use the same procedure. You could wash your vagina before removing, which will get the sponge wet and therefore easier to remove.  6. The sponge may not be thrown away in the toilet.

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