Shots Toys Erotic Exercise Balls
Shots Toys Erotic Exercise Balls
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Shots Toys Erotic Exercise Balls

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Product Description

Experience titillation and tightening of your pelvic muscles with these erotic kegel Exercise Balls.

The set consists of 2 small metal Excercise Balls, which are extremely ideal to create a more titillating and sensitive vagina.  Moreover, you get to train your pelvic floor when you use them. Pelvic floor training is recommended by gynaecologists, sexologists and midwives.

How to use the Exercise Balls:

Carefully insert both the kegel balls in your vagina. You want them to lay close to eachother when inserted so that when you move around, they move around each other, while both stimulating and training your pelvic floor muscles at the same time.

Unlike most kegel balls, these erotic excersise balls do not have a cord that keeps the balls together. Althogh it is not a problem to get them out, they simply pop out when you squeeze them out with your pelvic muscles. You can also use a couple fingers to help push them out.

The Exercise Balls has a diameter of 1.9 cm. They are made from metal and therefore has a good weight without being too heavy. The kegel balls can be warmed up before use, for eg. body temperature water, as it can feel quite cold when you insert them. Each ball weighs 18 g.

The Exercise Balls comes in a beautiful white storage box.

Product Details

DIAMETER: 1.9 cm.
WEIGHT: 2 balls of 18 grams.


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