TENGA Egg Crater Masturbator
TENGA Egg Crater Masturbator
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TENGA Egg Crater Hand Job Masturbator for Men  1
TENGA Egg Crater Hand Job Masturbator for Men  2
TENGA Egg Crater Hand Job Masturbator for Men  3
TENGA Egg Crater Hand Job Masturbator for Men  4

TENGA Egg Crater Masturbator

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Product Description

The TENGA Egg Crater is a masturbation product for men with an inside that is filled with soft waves to stimulate and stroke the penis. Crater is part of the STRONGER series where the material is thicker and givest a more secure feeling.

Remove the egg from the shell, pour the included lubricant into the small hole and insert your penis into the small hole.

TENGA Egg Crater is suitable for all penis sizes as it can be stretched up to 30 cm in length. You or your partner can control the egg in your hand and it actually works like a hand job, just softer and more heightened. The thicker material also provides a more intense feeling from the interior structure.

The TENGA egg is the perfect travel toy for the lustful man. No guessing what it is.

TENGA eggs are manufactured as disposable products, but can easily be used several times if you take care of it, wash it thoroughly after use and use fresh lubricant. We recommend that you keep as far down the egg as possible in order not to overwork the outermost part too much.

Product Details

LENGTH: 6.5 cm - 30 cm.
DIAMETER: Up to 15 cm.
SUITABLE FOR: Most penis sizes.
LUBRICANT: Water-based.
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish.


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