TENGA Rolling Head Cup
TENGA Rolling Head Cup
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TENGA Rolling Head Cup


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Product Description

The TENGA Rolling Head Cup is a masturbator for men, providing 360-degree stimulation via the spiral section in the middle. The internal structure has a unique design to give you intense and direct stimulation.

The cup is extremely flexible and can be moved from side to side or back and forth, taking your experience to the max. The structure inside ensures that you are stimulated as soon as you penetrate. The design is quite distinctive and includes a small tip providing full stimulation to the penis head as you turn and manipulate the cup. As such, you have more control over the cup and can enjoy more direct stimulation.

The product comes with lube already applied, but you can add a water-based lube yourself if you prefer things to be more wet. You can also control the level of tightness via the vacuum-effect valve at the top.

The product is designed for single use, but if you clean it with soap and water and leave it to air-dry after use, you can enjoy it several times.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Medical silicone .
LENGTH: 16.5 cm.
DIAMETER: 6.4 cm.
WEIGHT: 91 g.
LUBE: Water-based.
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish.


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