TENGA Soft Case Cup
TENGA Soft Case Cup
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TENGA Soft Case Cup

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Product Description

TENGA Soft Case Cup is a stylish masturbation product for men. Seize control of your own stimulation by grasping the tube gently or firmly, all depending on how intense or sensual you want the experience to be.

A nice detail on this product is the hole at the top which allows you to control how much vacuum you want to create in the tube. The vacuum creates a delightful sucking sensation, so if it’s a realistic experience you’re after, then TENGA Soft Case Cup is the masturbator for you.

The soft sleeve inside has a tantalising structure and lube has already been added. You can of course add more if you enjoy a wetter and even smoother experience.

This product is designed for single use, but if you use it with a condom, you can extend the lifetime of your TENGA Cup. Or you can wash it with warm water and a mild soap and let it airdry so it's ready for another round.

Product Details

LENGTH: 15 cm
DIAMETER: 6.4 cm
DEPTH: Approx. 15 cm.
INNER DIAMETER: 1 cm (can be stretched up to approx. 5 cm)
WEIGHT: 91 g
LUBE: Water-based.
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish.


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