XLsucker Penis Pump
XLsucker Penis Pump
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XLsucker Penis Pump

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Product Description

The XLsucker is a penis pump that helps you gain length and girth as well as a harder erection.

When vacuum is created around you penis, blood flows to it which creates the effect and a harder erection.

Note! You cannot make your penis permanently larger with a penis pump, but if you use it a couple of hours before having sex, you will experience its effect. Many men also have a more intense sensation during masturbation and intercourse after using the pump.

How to use the XLsucker:

- Always start slow if you are a new user.
- Apply some water-based lube in the bottom of the pump to create a better vacuum.
- Then slide your penis (but not your testes) into the cylinder.
- Slowly pump and watch your penis grow. For beginners, we recommend using it for no more than 10 minutes at a time.
- On the pump itself there is a quick-release valve that makes it easy and quick to release air from the cylinder.
- Always stop if it becomes painful.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Plastic.
SIZE: 19.5 cm x 5 cm.
INTERFACE: Quick release valve.


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