You2Toys Velvet Love Balls
You2Toys Velvet Love Balls
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You2Toys Velvet Love Balls

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Product Description

Train your pelvic muscles with these beautiful, red love balls from You2Toys  - they will also pleasure you with their built-in geisha balls.

Insert the love balls in your vagina and try to squize them by contracting your pelvic muscles. The balls weigh 55 grams which means that gravity will push them down towards your pelvic floor, and you will need to contract to prevent the balls from sliding out. You can do these kegel exercises anywhere you like - doing the dishes, while shopping or just walking around.

As you move, the internal geisha balls rotate making the experience very titillating - and it will also make your kegel exercises much more effective. As the centre of gravity in the two love balls shift, your body will hold on to them more firmly to stop them from falling out. After using the love balls, carefully take them out by pulling the red nylon string.

We recommend using a good water-based lube with the love balls to make them more comfortable to insert. After use, clean the balls with warm water and sex toy cleaner.

Product Details

MATERIAL: ABS plastic (balls), nylon (string).
ALLERGENS: Free of phthalates.
DIAMETER: 3.5 cm.
MEASUREMENTS. String length 22.8 cm, 5 cm between the balls.
LANGUAGE: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.


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