Close-up illustration of two people touching each other's thighsClose-up illustration of two people touching each other's thighs
Erotic Stories

A public surprise

This story is written by AVA Stories

When Jason rang my apartment doorbell, I was exhausted and not in the mood to have dinner with his best friend and his tight-dress-wearing girlfriend.

I’d only agreed because it was a Michelin-star restaurant, and I had a little black dress that I wanted to show off.

Pausing in the hallway, I checked my reflection before opening the door - the dress clung to my hips and breasts, low cut enough to be enticing but still tasteful.

Sighing, I opened the door.

Jason was leaning against the doorframe, his linen shirt loose on his shoulders and unbuttoned, exposing some of his gorgeous chest. He looked so good it almost made me want to go.

He grinned at me, green eyes sparkling, “Hey, gorgeous.” Before I could reply, he had already pulled me into his arms.

His mouth was on mine, his tongue prying my lips open, his strong hands holding my hips tight against him. I melted into him, and the day's tension left my shoulders.

“Hi”, I smiled, pulling away, “shall we go?”

“Just a minute”, he replied, pushing me back into the house while pulling something out of his pocket.

“Wanna spice up the evening?”

I eyed the velvet pouch in his hand. He spun me into him, his hot breath tickling my ear, my back pressed against his strong chest.

“Trust me”, he murmured as his hand found the lip of my dress.

Gently pulling it up to my hips, he rubbed the silk of my panties, barely grazing my pussy with just enough pressure to turn me on.

Illustration of a couple standing close together while one is holding a purple vibrator

He slipped his hand inside them, and I felt the cool silicone of a vibrator press directly over my clit, making me gasp.

The panty vibrator was the same size and shape as the little bullet I loved so much. It snugly sat against my pussy, hitting my clit. He secured a magnet on the other side of my underwear with his other hand, holding the vibrator firmly in place.

His teeth grazed my neck, and he nipped my ear lobe, sending shivers up my spine.

Then, just as suddenly as he was there, he was gone.

“Shall we go?” he teased, a mischievous grin on his lips.

The restaurant was warm and dimly lit, with marble tables and linen-covered chairs. Sitting next to Jason, he put his hand on my knee.

As I settled into the carpaccio starter and my glass of champagne, flashes from earlier played in my mind, almost making me forget how boring his friends were.

It wasn’t until the main course arrived, as his friends were droning on and on about finance, that Jason’s hand began sliding up my thigh.

His thumb grazed the edge of my panties, instantly turning me on and making me crave him.

He kissed my shoulder, his eyes on my face, while the panty vibrator fixed to my clit started to vibrate. I shot Jason a look, thinking the buzz would be heard, but he just smiled as our guests remained oblivious.

I straightened my back, trying to concentrate on the conversation as gentle waves of pleasure radiated over my pussy.

With the remote in his pocket, Jason started to increase the speed.

I felt the rippling pleasure rise with intensity and gripped the table for support as my knees started feeling weak. I could feel my clit swelling up and my panties getting wet.

“Georgia, are you okay?” His friend politely asked me, clearly noticing my struggle to focus.

How embarrassing.

I put on a strained smile and managed to force out an “Mhm.”

Jason’s eyes lit up as he hit another button. The rhythm changed to start teasing me, increasing in intensity and then dying out just as I felt close to cumming.

Under the table, as I gripped Jason’s thigh, his hand snaked around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

I was so turned on, and I wanted him so badly. I slid my hand up to his crotch and could feel he was rock hard under his jeans.

If anything, that made me even wetter. I wanted him inside me, for him to take me right here on this Michelin star table.

Illustration of two people sitting on a chair with one hand on the other's thigh

The waiter came over and refilled our glasses. I poured the champagne down my throat, the bubbles exploding on my tongue just as the intensity of the vibrator changed and sent tingly pleasure over me.

Jason’s hand dipped below the table - he was clearly desperate to feel me.

His thumb hooked into my panties, tracing my opening, dipping inside as the chatter began to rise around us in the restaurant.

My orgasm started to build.

Jason could feel how wet I was, how I was shaking beneath his grip.

Knowing what he was doing to me, he changed the setting again, so the powerful vibrations rumbled against my swollen clit. I gasped and stiffened. I had to struggle to keep from moaning out loud.

I felt his thumb rubbing me quickly, his face locked in concentration as the couple across from us remained oblivious to the sexy scene happening beneath the table.

I was on the edge, ready to embrace the waves of pleasure, the vibrator holding my orgasm hostage.

Jason’s lips moved to my neck, “Cum for me, baby”, he murmured as he switched the vibrator to its highest setting.

My body went rigid, and Jason squeezed me tighter before I exploded in ecstasy right there at the restaurant.

I pursed my lips, concentrating on staying quiet as I felt the aftershocks, the vibrator now pulsing silently alongside my soaking wet pussy, all while his friends carried on with their story.

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