Two people laughing with their foreheads pressed together Two people laughing with their foreheads pressed together
Sexual Wellness

Communication is the way to a better sex life

Nearly nine out of ten Britons believe that being able to talk openly and honestly with your partner about sex, desires, and fantasies is important for a good sex life.

Unfortunately, only about half of us find it easy to talk with our partner about it—and one in four even find it decidedly difficult.

This is shown by our large, international study on sex, intimacy and relationships, Sindex by Sinful, which you can read much more about right here.

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Do you talk about sex with your partner?

Although the majority of Britons are satisfied with their sex lives, many dream of becoming better at talking about sex, desires and fantasies with their partner.

And doing just that can actually prove to be the way to a better sex life.

Sindex by Sinful shows that Britons who are good at talking about sex with their partner are more satisfied with their sex life. 84% of Britons who are in a relationship where they are good at communicating about sex are satisfied with their sex life.

In contrast, only 35% of people who are in a relationship where they are not good at communicating about sex are satisfied with their sex life.

Let’s talk even more about sex!

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The good sex life

So, communication is an important part of a good sex life, but how important is it, and how satisfied are we really with what goes on in the bedroom?

Let’s take a look!

85% of Britons believe it is important for them to have a good sex life. For many, it gives them a closer relationship with their partner, while others report that it improves their mood.

Fortunately, the majority of British women and men are satisfied with their current sex life.

Compared to our European neighbours in the Sindex, Britons take third place (together with Sweden) in sex life satisfaction.

Share of people who are satisfied with their sex life today:

  • United Kingdom: 56% 
  • France: 65%
  • Denmark: 57%
  • Sweden: 56%
  • Norway: 53%
  • Finland: 55%
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Let’s talk about sex - The Game

Do you need a fun, intimate and concrete way to start the conversation? We have developed Let's Talk About Sex—The Game with 52 questions about intimacy and sex. 

Take a card, ask your partner the question, listen and let the conversation flow while you learn even more about each other's preferences, desires and fantasies. Simple and super effective!

Psst! You can also play 'Let's Talk About Sex—The Game' with a friend!

close up of a hand holding Sinful Let's Talk About Sex - The Game

About the study: Sindex by Sinful

Sindex by Sinful is based on an international survey conducted by Cint on behalf of Sinful, as well as on sales data from Sinful. The population survey was conducted in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France and the United Kingdom with 2,000 respondents from each country. 

The data was collected from 17 May to 8 June, 2022. 

Read more at Sindex by Sinful, where we will reveal new, exciting results from the survey every three months (until 2023).

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