Red lingerie lying on a sheetRed lingerie lying on a sheet

How to buy lingerie for your partner

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Do you want to spoil your partner a little with nice lingerie? Then by all means, do it!

If you are unsure of how to choose the perfect lingerie item, you are not alone. It can be challenging to find the right size, the best style and the right type of lingerie.

But just take a deep breath - I'll guide you through the wilderness of bottomless lingerie, seductive bras and erotic corsets.

If you really want to buy something right NOW without worrying too much about sizes and styles, there is, of course, a shortcut that you will also be given.

Red and black lingerie on a rack

Check the panties before swiping your card

When you need to find a lingerie item that your partner will both love AND want to jump into right away, a little detective work is required on your part before you click ‘buy’.

Start by finding out if there is a certain type of lingerie that your partner almost always wears. Is it a special bra? Is it high-waisted panties? Is it a specific colour?

Once you've taken note of that, the obvious next step is to look in the underwear drawer.

However, this is where you must pay attention to two things:

  1. Do you feel that it’s okay with your partner that you look into something so private?
  2. Are you okay with snooping around there?

If you can answer "yes" to both questions, we can continue.

Black lingerie on a bed

Remember these three things

Once you've found the favourite lingerie items in the drawer, you need to note three different things in order to be spot on.

1. The top

If you are holding a bra, chemise or another inviting top, you must pay particular attention to the size, as it can be called several different things.

To add further to the confusion, sometimes tops also come in one size, but I'll get back to that.

Tops can actually consist of both letters AND numbers, just as there may only be one letter.

Bra sizes often have a letter and a number. The circumference is measured in inches (e.g., 30, 32, 34, 36 or 38) and the volume of the bust itself is indicated by letters from A-H. You need to remember both to find the right size.

Many lingerie brands indicate the sizes used in several countries on the same small label in the lingerie. This means that you must pay attention to whether you are, for example, looking for an EU, FR or UK size in order to choose the right one.

2. The bottom

Regardless of whether you are looking for panties or suspenders, the sizes are made up by numbers (e.g. 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20) or letters (XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL and above).

If you aren’t sure about whether it should be one or another size, you can always look for lingerie that has a little bit of stretch or that can be adjusted by using straps, for example.

Close-up of black lingerie

3. The style

Finally, you must pay attention to the style and colours you find in the underwear drawer.

Is most of it black? Or does it have patterns and colours? Maybe some of it is transparent or has lace on it. Look at the bra and see if it is padded or not, and if it has an underwire.

Look at your partner's lingerie style in general - Should it fit tight and be revealing like a catsuit or maybe like a body stocking? Or is it often something high-waisted or an item of lingerie that fits a little loose and flutters like a baby doll?

It may even be that the very best choice would be a seductive lingerie dress?

Always go for the style that you know your partner likes. In this way, there is a greater probability that the lingerie will be used.

A person closes a black latex vest

The shortcut

If you still think it's a bit too confusing, there is of course a way around it.

The shortcut is called one size and one size plus size.

This means that there are several sizes in one size = You don't have to pay quite as much attention to the different numbers and letters.

A brand that excels in this is NORTIE Lingerie. Here you will find everything from bra and pantie sets to stockings, bodystockings, catsuits and bottomless panties for all sizes.

Even though it’s obvious to think that one size fits most sizes, this is not the case. Most one sizes can be used by a size 8-12 or an XS-M/L.

If you need a larger size, look for one size plus size.

Close up of red and black lingerie

Bonus tip!

Now you're ready to go shopping for some lovely lingerie, but I have one last little tip that could come in handy for you: Take a picture.

Take a picture of the sizes so you always have them on hand. And take one of your favourite lingerie items, so you can remember if it's a set, see the different details and be sure of the style.


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