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Did you know that there's a player on the field that can take your masturbation to the next level?. We are, of course, talking about tech.

And actually, a lot of the sex toys manufactured for men today are based on technology that makes the experience wilder, more fun, and extra satisfying.

James Bond has Q, Batman has Alfred, and you have SINFUL.TECH as the sidekick that ensures you have new, indispensable gadgets!

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Why Should You Choose Tech Sex Toys?

With SINFUL.TECH, you don’t have to do it all yourself. 

You can try a masturbation experience that you’ve never had before—because technology adds an extra level to the stimulation that you don’t get elsewhere. 

In the same way you always want the latest technology and consoles for your gaming, development never stops with sex toys either. And why settle for man-powered toys when you can have the latest in tech here as well? 

Sometimes you might be more in the mood for a board game with the experience of physically moving pieces and rolling dice. Other times, you feel an urge to turn on your pc or console where you can both hand out flying kicks, slay dragons, and race against the police with a few taps on a mouse or gamepad.

It’s the same with SINFUL.TECH—sometimes you may prefer a good old-fashioned handjob, and other times you want to power up your “joystick” to take your pleasure to the next level.

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Sinful’s Version of Tech Products

Naturally, we won’t rob you of a thorough review of our tech products. 

For the sake of an overview, I have created a list of the most important features from each of the products. 

Sinful Thrusting Penis Vibrator

If you love stimulating your sensitive penis head, Sinful Thrusting Penis Vibrator is your go-to gadget. 

It has a classic, smooth design, and with the vibrations it stimulates the head of the penis and the fraenulum below. The thrusting movements help to build an explosive climax as the vibrator moves back and forth.

Sinful Thrusting Penis Vibrator on dark background

The product has a good weight and therefore fits well in the hand. 

Make sure the size and length of the inner diameter are right for you before placing the product in the basket.

Table with Product Details for Sinful Thrusting Penis Vibrator

Sinful Blowjob Penis Vibrator

Get the feeling of a naughty blowjob with the Sinful Blowjob Penis Vibrator

Your shaft is massaged while being stimulated by different vibration patterns and air pressure levels. Yes please!

The air pressure ensures that it tightens easily around the shaft. It gives a vacuum feeling that feels like when you squeeze your tongue and palate together.

Close-up of Sinful Blowjob Penis Vibrator on dark background

The design is stylish and simple with a simple operation, so you can easily set up how you want to be stimulated. 

It’s especially suitable for those who have a sensitive penis, and those who love to try new forms of stimulation.

Psst! If you go full throttle with the vibrators and the air pressure at the same time, you get full value for money.

Table with Product Details for Sinful Blowjob Penis Vibrator

Sinful Blowjob Machine

Get close to a hands-free experience with the Sinful Blowjob Machine - it can be used with and without the included suction cup. 

Attach the suction cup to a smooth surface, so that the machine is ready to be penetrated completely hands-free.

The different movement patterns ensure that you are stimulated all the way around

Close-up of Sinful Blowjob Machine on dark background

Connect the included headphones, and let yourself be seduced by the arousing moans which add a whole new dimension to the experience. 

If you want to use the machine without the suction cup, you can let it rest on your stomach so that you have your hands free.

Table with Product Details for Sinful Blowjob Machine

Sinful Power Man Wand

Make your handjob even better with the Sinful Power Man Wand

Let the powerful vibrator stroke up and down the shaft, around the head of the penis as well as the fraenulum or even the scrotum, and feel how the vibrations spread throughout the area.

Close-up of Sinful Power Man Wand on dark background

You can use your Man Wand both during masturbation and when you are with your partner, when you really want to fire up the vibrations.

Table with Product Details for Sinful Power Man Wand

SINFUL.TECH Is Your New Go-to Gadget

The development is on speed, and the tech sex toy market is here to stay, so keep an eye out for SINFUL.TECH for your next go-to gadget.  

Click onwards to the shop, where you can easily compare the different products and find the gadget that suits you best!

For the best result with sex toys from SINFUL.TECH, you should always add a water-based lubricant, which ensures a much better and friction-free glide—it makes the experience 87% better. 


Close-up of SINFUL.TECH Masturbators on dark background

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