Black sex toy on black backgroundBlack sex toy on black background

Sinful x Han Kjøbenhavn - When human desire meets fashion

Exploring life, expressing yourself and being playful - that’s just a few of the things fashion and sex have in common. It’s also the essentials that drive us to do what we do, day in and day out - helping everyone live their best (sex) life.

This is exactly what we aim to keep doing with our collaboration with Han Kjøbenhavn. They dare to fearlessly express themselves and take chances, and that’s the kind of energy we love to tap into when it comes to starting conversations.

And starting conversations, we did - on the runway in Milan at Milan Fashion Week 2023. On the catwalk, you could witness the merging of our worlds in daring creations that beamed with power and edgy sensuality - peaking in the creation of a dress that boasted a collar of around 170 tongue vibrators.

Black sex toys on top of each other

Do you feel excited by the idea of human desire and art combined with a dash of savage? Then the Sinful x Han Kjøbenhavn Tongue Vibrator will, without a doubt, be your new favourite accessory.

The mesmerising tongue was the centrepiece that inspired the pieces coming from this collaboration. Our sleek, black and powerful tongue vibrator is crafted for pure pleasure - futuristic and unpretentious yet elegant and powerful.

If you want to dive into your desires with a unique piece that is a pure expression of human desire and art coming together, you can buy the irresistibly flexible Black Tongue Vibrator here.

Person wearing dress made of sex toys

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