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The UK's top sexual fantasies revealed

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Did you know that a third of Brits won’t speak to their partners about their sexual fantasies?

Sexual fantasies might feel like a bit of a taboo subject, even between you and your partner, but we’re here to let you know that open communication about your desires is likely to increase the chances of you both finally getting to try your fantasy out! After all, if you don’t ask you don’t get…

We surveyed the nation to find out what the top sexual fantasies are, if and how people talk to their partners about their fantasies, and how they create healthy environments to share their intimate thoughts and feelings. Check out the results!

What are the UK’s top sexual fantasies?

When we asked the nation what their top sexual fantasy was, we received a lot of honest feedback. With this, we were able to compile a list of Britain’s top fantasies:

  1. Sex outside (21%)
  2. Mutual oral sex (20%)
  3. Having a threesome (18%)
  4. Lingerie (18%)
  5. Using sex toys with a partner (17%)

From the replies to our survey, we were also able to see some of the more niche fantasies that people have, including BDSM, which involves the use of whips, blindfolds and restraints:

  1. Heavy BDSM (whips, pain play, etc) (6%)
  2. Fisting (5%)
  3. Pegging (4%)
  4. Tantric sex (4%)
  5. Breath play (3%)
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How many people have partaken in their fantasy?

From our survey data, we were able to find some really interesting stats about the areas and demographics in the UK that are the most sexually experimental and willing to try out different kinks!

  • Cardiff is the most sexually open city, with 85% of people trying at least one kink.
  • Those aged 35-44 are the most sexually adventurous age group.
  • The most popular sexual act that people have performed is sex outdoors, with nearly 1-in-4 people having had a little al-fresco fumble.
  • People in a relationship are most sexually adventurous (80% have tried at least one sexual fantasy).
  • Those who identify as single are not far behind but are not as sexually adventurous as the couples (70% have tried at least one sexual fantasy).

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How many Brits talk about their sexual fantasies?

With at least 70% of all Brits having at least one sexual fantasy, it’s a shame that nearly 1-in-3 don’t feel comfortable opening up about them to their sexual partner.

Thankfully, nearly half of Brits do feel comfortable discussing some of their fantasies, with 52% of men and 47% of women open to talking them through with a partner, which begs the question: why are some fantasies easier to discuss than others?

Fear of rejection and embarrassment is the reason a lot of us stay silent about what we internally dream about – it can be very scary to make yourself vulnerable in front of your partner, especially if it feels like a taboo subject or you haven’t spoken about sex much before.

Honest and open communication can allow you to access avenues to your sex life that you may never have considered open before, and you never know – your partner might actually have been harbouring the same fantasy as you all this time!

It’s been shown that a more intimate approach to discussing sexual fantasies and needs can actually improve both your sex life and your relationship overall, so why not pluck up the courage to chat about your cheeky desires?

Here are our top tips for raising the subject with your significant other or sexual partner:

  • Try writing down what you want to talk about before you broach the subject – this can help you organise your thoughts and think about the questions your partner might have.
  • Be prepared for the discussion to get intimate and frank – if you want to talk about the possibility of engaging in group sex, be aware that your partner may be hurt by this, and you will need to provide reassurance.
  • Couples therapy can be a great avenue for opening up conversations about sex and the development of your sex life, if you both feel the need to have a mediator there.
  • Everyone is different and has different levels of privacy – don’t be surprised if you share your fantasy and your partner isn’t comfortable sharing theirs. This is something you have to be patient and understanding about, because sex means different things to everyone, and the conversation shouldn’t be forced.

If you and your partner are ready to explore some of your sexual fantasies together, why not check out our range of couples sex toys and toy boxes filled with exciting goodies for you to experiment with while you find your groove and get comfortable with trying new things?

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