Zodiac signs in different colorsZodiac signs in different colors

Zodiac Signs: What your sign says about your sex life

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You’re probably aware of what your zodiac sign is, even if you don’t read your horoscope every single week. 

But maybe you should make an exception and take a closer look at what’s written about you.

The astrologer Annasophia Petri has looked at how the star signs differ sexually, and you can use that to your advantage to learn more about yourself and your sex life.

Maybe your star sign is a master at dirty talk, or maybe you’re the type who loves steamy phone sex.

As a bonus, you’ll get answers to which sex toy best fits your zodiac sign.


You’re direct and want to get down to business. At times you can be impatient too. You are brave and curious, so you love a good challenge and to experiment sexually.

Your best sex toy match is: Sinful Luxy Blue Magic Wand Vibrator or Sinful Power Man Wand

Illustration of the star sign Aries


It’s all about sensuality and pleasure for you. You love to take your time and don’t mind recycling the tricks you know work. Candles lit, infinite soft pillows and just the right music playing - and bam, you’re turned on.

Your best sex toy match is: ohhcean OBP Body Vibrator and Sinful Premium Silicone Cock Ring Set

Illustration of the star sign Taurus


You are curious and love dirty talk. Communication is generally crucial to Geminis, and you also need to be able to laugh and joke around. Maybe the kinkiest thing for you would be to have sex where you communicate in ways other than words alone.

Your best sex toy match is: Sinful Let’s Talk About Sex - The Game

Illustration of the star sign Gemini


Security and intimacy are the alpha and omega for you. Once that’s secured, you’ll go through hellfire to satisfy your partner. You may sometimes find yourself idealising the sex you’ve had with previous partners.

Your best sex toy match is: obaie Genuine Leather Premium Wrist Cuffs.

Illustration of the star sign CancerIllustration of the star sign Leo


Routines and structure don’t scare you; on the contrary, you like some kind of regime. You never forget to pee after sex or check on your partner's personal hygiene before you get down to business. From here on out, you’ll probably realise you’re dirtier than most.

Your best sex toy match is: Sinful Color Up Very Peri Vibrating Butt Plug

Illustration of the star sign Virgo


You need balance on the scales. You don’t like to feel that one partner is giving or receiving more than the other. You want both of you to be proactive and aren’t shy about asking your partner what feels good.

Your best sex toy match is: Sinful Unlimited Pleasure Couple’s Vibrator

Illustration of the star sign Libra


You have a sixth sense of how to satisfy your partner. Sex is vital to you, even if you don’t express it. You have the ability to either completely shut down or open yourself up, and you can transform yourself through sex.

Your best sex toy match is: Sinful Steel G&P Dildo Stimulator

Illustration of the star sign Scorpio


You are knowledgeable when it comes to sex and have probably tried a bit of everything. You love trying new things and surprising your partner. You are optimistic and believe in your sexual capabilities.

Your best sex toy match is: obaie Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bar

Illustration of the star sign SagittariusIllustration of the star sign Capricorn


You’re no stranger to phone or cam sex. Generally, you like to break conventions. You’d love to fantasise about what it’d be like to have sex with your new colleague or tennis coach.

Your best sex toy match is: Sinful Magnetic Panty Vibrator

Illustration of the star sign AquariusIllustration of the star sign Pisces
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