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If butt plugs are already familiar to you and you'd like to experiment with somewhat more filling sensations, try an anal dildo. Choose your favourite from our extensive selection of all shapes, colours, materials and sizes, and prepare for wonderful anal pleasures. Remember lube!


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Tips for couples to get started with an anal dildo

What an anal dildo can do for you

When you know how, anal sex between trusting couples can take a sex life to the next level, creating orgasms unlike you have ever experienced before. Remember, contrary to popular belief, anal sex or stimulation is not only for gay couples. Including a butt dildo in your foreplay or sex, could expand your sexual experience and range of orgasms experienced. Both men and women have many sensitive nerves in and around the anus, and when aroused with a dildo, it can feel amazing and lead to explosive orgasms.

One of the most erogenous zone of the male anatomy is the prostate, which isn’t widely known because of the assumption that anal sex is mainly shared between gay couples. The prostate is easily reached with an ass dildo thanks to the length with which it can reach, compared to a butt plug. For women, anal stimulation with a butt dildo, especially when in the doggy position, can reach the G-spot. This can result in toe-curling, squirting orgasms.

Lube is non-negotiable with anal sex toys

Using lube, and the right lube with the anal dildo you’re using, is the golden ticket to the best possible experience you can have and the most pleasure you can experience. Firstly the anus doesn’t naturally produce its own lubrication, as the vagina does. This is what makes using lubricant non-negotiable, especially when you consider how tight the anus is compared to the vagina.

Secondly, the lube you select to use depends on the material your anal dildo is made from. Never use like with like. If your sex toy is made of silicone, then a water-based lube is best, and if it is manufactured from metal or glass, then you can use a silicone-based lube with it. Thirdly, there is a difference between normal lubricant for foreplay and sex and anal lubricant. Because of the tightness of the anus, a thicker, more viscous lube would work best, which is the main difference between the two.

Size counts with anal dildos

Anal stimulation is not a race, so take it slow. Trust your partner and get turned on with foreplay before moving to the butt. Most importantly, start small and work your way up as you feel more comfortable. Small mainly refers to the length and width of the anal dildo, and we have quite a variety to select from. You can choose between realistically formed dildos with the same shape and texture of a penis including circumcised, grooved dildos which allows you to insert the dildo in different stages, curved dildos designed to best reach the prostate and dildos with suction cups for hands free fun.

If you are in doubt on which dildo to select, or if you have questions on the size of the ass dildo, then you are always more than welcome to call our customer service. They are ready to take your calls or reply to your mails and give you advice, so that you can find the dildo that best suits you, your needs and desires.


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