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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is cutting-edge in the sex toy industry, and the trend is roaring ahead. Here you will find Virtual Reality products that are bound to knock your boxers off. This is one of the most thrilling and realistic ways of experiencing sexual pleasure through sex toys.

A virtual reality masturbator can make your dreams come true

Are you ready for a thrilling new experience?

All sorts of technologies are evolving, and so is the technology around sex toys. You might have already tried a VR headset, where you can step into a completely new and incredibly lifelike world. These headsets can be used for traditional VR games, but you can also use them for erotic videos, where you go from being a spectator behind the screen to an active participant. The finishing touch is you can complete that experience with a virtual reality masturbator.

With a virtual reality masturbator, you can combine advanced sex toy technology with the exciting world of VR and its many possibilities. The masturbator or vibrator helps with immersion so you can feel like you’re actually participating in the action you see. A virtual reality masturbator is equipped with a sensor that connects your movements with the video you're watching. This way, you're actively stimulated while experiencing genuine visual pleasure, where you can live out your naughtiest fantasies—and alongside your favourite porn stars.

Moreover, some VR products can be connected so that you and your partner can experience "having sex together"—or, at the very least, see each other's movements even if you're in different parts of the country or the world.

Virtual reality masturbators are in significant development

The development of new products, such as a virtual reality masturbator you can use while watching porn, has exploded in the last few years. And that development certainly doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon—it's here to stay. Not long ago, there were only a few products showcased at major sex toy fairs, but now, you can easily get your hands on your own virtual reality masturbator without it costing you a fortune.

As more products enter the market, the prices drop. Therefore, this will soon become the new normal for sex toy technology. Additionally, there are more variants emerging that allow you to watch VR videos on your own smartphone, and they're typically very easy to get started with without significant investments.

At Sinful, we are certain that this is just the beginning of this exciting development in technological sex toys. We can definitely look forward to plenty of new features that will surely take your pleasure to entirely new heights. Dive in here on the site and find the product that suits you and your naughtiest desires the best.

Lots of exquisite accessories

If you're buying a virtual reality masturbator, you should be aware that you often need to purchase separate equipment alongside it, such as VR glasses. Therefore, it's a good idea to ensure that your new product from this site is compatible with the equipment you intend to use.

Different manufacturers often offer different products. For example, do you prefer watching naughty videos of real actors that make you feel like a true porn star? To get the full experience, some products also have an app that, via Bluetooth, transfers your movements to the app and connects this to the video. This way, you get the complete experience of, for example, a wet, wild blowjob.

For some, this might sound complicated, but most products are easy to use, so you don't need to be a technical expert to get started. When you purchase a virtual reality masturbator, they also always come with an instruction manual, where you'll find a detailed guide on how to get started with the product.

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