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Okay, it's in the name, but jockstraps aren't only for jocks. In fact, when you want your bouncy buttocks to really get the attention they deserve, there's nothing better! Not to forget about the sumptuous package in the front, of course.

Jockstrap - When you want to show off your best side

What characterizes a jockstrap?

A jockstrap is a piece of underwear for men intended for use during sports or other physical activities. Jockstraps are usually wide at the waist and have a front that covers only the penis and testicles. Attached to the front are two straps that run along the inside of the thighs and under the buttocks before reaching the waistband at each hip. The buttocks remain exposed while the penis and scrotum are securely held. This allows you to move freely without feeling that your clothes hang or become uncomfortable. A jockstrap is therefore associated with some form of physical activity. But physical activity can be many different things. Although most people will think of football, martial arts or weightlifting, a jockstrap can be used in more fun contexts. How about putting it on when you want to invite your partner for a sexy night out? Or how about wearing it during intercourse so your partner can enjoy the sight of you and your growing bulge? It's therefore not without reason you'll find this type of underwear in our range of sexy underwear for men.

Which men’s jockstrap should you choose?

If you've decided you want to upgrade your underwear drawer with one or two pairs of men’s jockstraps, but don't know which one to choose, it can be useful to consider material, fit and use. Firstly, choose a jockstrap that’s made of a fabric that feels comfortable against your skin. But it's also important that you like the way the fabric looks. For example, if you prefer the feel of canvas against your skin to other materials, make sure you buy a model that is made entirely or partly of canvas.

Secondly, the fit should be just right - not too tight, but not too loose either. Your nobler parts should get the support they need, but not at the expense of comfort or freedom of movement. You should therefore choose a men’s jockstrap that fits tightly around both hips and ankles. And finally, think about what you’re going to use it for. For example, if you want to be able to penetrate your partner while wearing underpants, choose a version with a front zip. But if you don’t plan to use your jockstrap for this, you can choose a version without it.

Why wear a sexy jockstrap?

If you need something other than a jockstrap for your naughty games, take a look at our website in some of our other categories. There's a good and varied selection of men's underwear, anal lube and anal sex toys for use both alone and with a partner as you explore your sex life with each other.

Men should own at least one and preferably several varieties of sexy jockstraps. That's why at Sinful you'll find a great selection of different models to suit different types of men. We have made sure that you can choose sexy jockstraps from leather to neoprene and cotton, depending on what you are into. If it's to be used as part of a kinky roleplay, you'll of course also find models where very little is left to the imagination, or where it's decorated with various naughty details that help make the game even wilder and better.

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