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This Adore Freya Black Rose Teddy is for anybody looking for an extraordinary teddy with multiple sensual details.

This passionate teddy most resembles a sexy lingerie set infused with an erotic strappy design. The bra is made from a lace material with vertical cups while your cleavage is adorned by black straps arranged in an interlacing pattern.

On the shoulder straps, elegant flower details hang in a row over your shoulders for a feminine aesthetic.

The same strap pattern repeats over your belly with a thicker strap running across your waist. The straps culminate in a pair of low-waisted panties made from the same lace material as the bra. At the back, two straps create a scrunch effect on the panties which really lift and highlight your beautiful bum.

The same strap design reoccurs once more on the back, this time with two buckles and adjustable shoulder straps for a better fit.

The teddy is made from a stretchy fabric and the bra is without underwire.

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Adore Freya Black Rose Teddy

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