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Anal Fantasy Beginner's Anal Gaper

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Give your partner a kinky, exclusive sneak peak and elevate your anal adventures with the Anal Fantasy Beginner's Anal Gaper.

This hollowed out anal plug will thoroughly fill you out, while simultaneously giving your partner a front row ticket to the booty show, adding a steamy dimension to the play. The see-through design gives a naughty sensation of being on display and spread wide open at the same time.

Use the anal plug for kinky dominance play and insert fingers, staves or fluids - or anything else you might like - into the anus via the hollow tunnel in the plug.

It is made of glass and can be heated or cooled down as an extra thrilling dimension to your sensory play. Warm it up by placing it in warm water or cool it down by placing it in the fridge or holding it under cold water.

The Anal Gaper is fairly small in size, but still endowed with features that make it ideal for an experienced anal player, who wants to explore new territory.

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