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If you are looking to explore new dimensions of kinky anal play or take domination to the next level, then you have to try the Anal Fantasy Large Anal Gaper.

This hollow butt plug not only provides the stimulating feeling of fullness, but also allows your partner an extra visual dimension to enjoy. Its transparent design will make you feel both exposed and on exhibit.

The butt plug is the perfect accessory for kinky domination, allowing your dominant to insert fingers, a wand, liquids or a fourth element via the hollow inner in the butt plug.

The butt plug is made of glass so can be heated or cooled to add an extra sensory dimension. Heat the plug by placing it in a water bath or cool it down by putting it in the refrigerator or holding it under running cold water.

The Anal Fantasy Large Anal Gaper is large in size and the perfect choice for experienced users of anal stimulation who are looking for fuller and more intense sensations.

BrandAnal Fantasy Collection
Sub BrandElite
Product Weight (g)79
Full Length (cm)11.5
Insertable Length (cm)9
Diameter (cm)4
Width (cm)4
Primary MaterialGlass
Recommended LubeAll types
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Anal Fantasy Large Anal Gaper

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