B Swish Bfit Classic Kegel Balls Set var 1


Do aspire to achieve a tighter pelvic muscles and heightened orgasms? Then purchasing the Bfit Classic Kegel Balls Set would be a wise decision.

You can design your "work-out” as you like and clearly mark the progress with this Set in several parts.

It includes 2 soft frames from body-safe silicone, where you can place one or both Bfit kegel balls in it.

Each kegel ball weighs 24g, and is therefore both for you who may have just had a baby, or if you’re simply curious about this kind training or if you want to maintain strong pelvic muscles.  

Effective pelvic floor training is a multi-vitamin for your sex life, as it tightens and increases feeling down there. Sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner.

Pelvic floor training recommended by sexologists, gynaecologists and mid-wives.

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B Swish Bfit Classic Kegel Balls Set

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