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Thanks to the wonderful and continuous vibrations, Magic Wands have excited women all over the world and can will even go as far as saying they will give an orgasm guarantee! It is not without reason that Magic Wands are among the world's most popular sex toys for women and that they have been used in e.g. Sex and the City.

Do you fantasise about a strong and sustained stimulation with a sex toy that never disappoints? Then the black Bodywand Magic wand Vibrator, with never ending vibrations is most certainly a toy you want to try.This Bodywand Magic Wand Vibrator will never run out of battery and vibrations, as it plugs into your wall outlet.

This means it is both quiet, and you can enjoy the vibrations for as long as you want. And because of the powerful vibrations this Bodywand can boast, it is also good for massaging painful sore muscles.

And with just one button, it is easy to control,so straight to the pleasure vibrations.

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Bodywand Midnight Magic Wand Vibrator

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