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Bodywand Magic Wand Rabbit Accessory

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The velvety soft rabbit accessory is made from silicone that is soft and velvety, but still robust enough to give you great stimulation. Use your Rabbit Wand Accessory with a quality water-based lubricant, to give the finish of the Magic wand a softer smoother glide.

Get even more pleasure out of your Bodywand Magic Wand: Incorporating the rabbit into your sexy time will add extra simultaneous stimulation, namely on your clitoris.The accessory gets pulled over the head of your Magic Wand and pressed in place.

As soon as you find the vibration pattern that suits your desires best, then you can be prepared for a night passion. 

Remember to wash your Bodywand Accessory after use to be sure of good hygiene.

This accessory fits all Wands, if their heads are a diameter of 6-6.2cm. It is Bodywand Original, Fairy Original, Smart Wand Large, Passion Pointer, 2 Speed Wand and all Wand Essentials vibrators.

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