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The Lora Dicarlo Osé 2 Clitoris and G-Spot Stimulator var 1

The Lora Dicarlo Osé 2 Clitoris and G-Spot Stimulator

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Are you looking for an innovative, top quality sex toy that can give you deep and intense double orgasms? Then the quadruple award winner Osé 2 from Lora Dicarlo is perfect for you.

Once you’ve tried the Osé 2, you won’t be in any doubt that this is a unique product, designed with the female body and its pleasure points in mind.

It consists of a clitoral stimulator and an adjustable G-spot massager. Whether used together of separately, they give you a completely unique and orgasm-filled masturbation experience.

The G-spot massager has an inner ball, which strokes up and down the shaft and imitates the well-known "come hither" movement. The length of the strokes can be adjusted on the small round button at the bottom, and the speed is controlled on the shorter oval button.

Osé 2 is really flexible and can be adjusted so that it has the perfect fit for your anatomy.

At the same time, the clitoral stimulator sends waves of pleasure throughout your clitoral organ. It is designed to imitate the best feeling of oral sex, where the clitoris and the surrounding nerves get utterly spoilt.

The clitoral stimulator has 10 setting to choose from so you can find exactly the level that suits you. Switch between them on the long oval button.

Lora Dicarlo's products are specially developed with the help of some of the USA's most skilled engineers in robot technology. They use cutting-edge technology in micro-robotics and are inspired by the effective movements that we know from natural skin-to-skin sex.

Winner of:

CES Innovation Award 2019 Popular Mechanics Editor’s choice Award 2019 IHS Markit Innovations Award in Robotics Time Magazine Best Inventions 2019 Award.

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