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    Adult Advent Calendar

    Adult advent calendar - Make December even more naughty with sex toys

    Try out an adult advent calendar

    You're never too old for new toys, and with an adult advent calendar from Sinful, you'll get 24 new pieces of toys every day until Christmas Eve. The Sinful calendar has become a staple on many people's wish lists, and for good reason!

    An adult advent calendar with sex toys is a great way to create intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom during an otherwise busy and hectic month. Get a head start on this year’s wish list, and surprise your partner or treat yourself with an adult advent calendar with a naughty piece of sex toy or erotic accessory hiding behind each door for some steamy experiences all month long.

    When you buy a calendar from us, you can be sure that it contains a lot of different sex toys for you to enjoy in December - and for a long time afterwards. We offer an adult advent calendar for both couples and singles, with 24 different products that include all sorts of goodies for the bedroom. If you're more into weekend gifts, that's also an option with our new selection of “Four Weeks of Playful Christmas'' editions. These calendars are suitable for making every advent in December something special in the bedroom.

    We obviously won't reveal which gifts you'll find behind the doors in our selection here on the site, but we promise that if you would like to have a hotter December, this is where you'll find your options. Our entire selection of adult advent calendars is limited in number. So the question is really how long are you willing to wait to buy yours? We're sure you won't regret buying it. Make the Sinful advent calendar a Christmas tradition and turn every day in December into Christmas Eve with an adult advent calendar.

    Get excitement and surprises with a couples advent calendar

    In the magical Christmas month, we often focus on gifts, surprises, and quality time. A couples advent calendar can help give you all three things throughout December. As adults, we are often used to being in control of many areas of our lives. This means that we are rarely surprised in our everyday lives, but fortunately, 24 erotic gifts can help change this. Especially in December when the days rush by and the busyness takes over, we at Sinful think it is important to put extra focus on the good things. With an advent calendar for couples, you can let go of the control and the busyness, and give in to the surprise, quality time, and each other.

    Set aside the chores and the daily grind, and reignite the spark with either yourself or your partner in the bedroom. Together, excitement and anticipation constitute the perfect recipe for exploring, experimenting, and experiencing with each other and your new sex toys. Flirt and play with each other — maybe it’s time to welcome a new fantasy? Sex is, after all, the perfect love language to celebrate Christmas, the holiday of the hearts.

    If you buy an advent calendar for couples, you get a small gift every day that surprises, adds a little extra spice to your daily life, and gives you the foundation for exciting playtime under the sheets. Neither of you will know what today's door holds, and you will have that suspense together from December 1st all the way to Christmas Eve. You decide whether your couples advent calendar should be hidden away as a private little secret, or if you want to display it as part of your Christmas decorations in your home. The many beautiful calendar designs give you the opportunity to do both.

    You can buy the 24 surprises for yourself, your partner, or you can buy it together as a joint gift to each other. Read our blog and get more information about why the adult advent calendar from Sinful is the perfect calendar for him and her. The calendar contains sex toys for every taste and provides an opportunity to open up for some good conversations about fantasies and personal preferences. This kind of calendar can therefore help you get even closer as a couple both inside and outside the bedroom. Create a wet, but hot Christmas with an adult advent calendar — because who doesn't love pleasure? We certainly do at Sinful.

    Which grown up advent calendar should I choose?

    There are many different adult advent calendars on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you or your relationship. At Sinful, we have selected six editions, all of which include a variety of naughty gifts for her, him, or couples. If you’re not sure which calendar to choose, you can read more about each Sinful calendar below. We recommend the Sinful Original Advent Calendar for couples who are not experienced with sex toys, but who want to explore their sex life and get closer as a couple. This version contains 24 naughty products including everything from sex toys and erotic accessories to gentle bondage products.

    If you have some experience with sex toys, we will instead recommend the Sinful Premium Advent Calendar. This luxurious advent calendar for couples contains products of the best quality from some of the most well-known sex toy brands. If you want to challenge your erotic play, this version is the right choice for you.

    We have launched four new grown up advent calendars this year. With our new Sinful 12 Days of Christmas Adventures for Women, you’ll get a grown up advent calendar designed for the single woman or for woman/woman couples. This Christmas calendar is intended for female stimulation and pleasure, and you will, among other things, find seductive sex toys, attractive accessories, and admirable bondage products suitable for solo play as well as couples play.

    As a contrast to the female version, we have also designed a Sinful 12 Days of Christmas Adventures for Men for the single man or man/man couple. This Christmas calendar offers sex toys ideally suited for the perfect solo masturbation experience or male couple stimulation.

    If you are more into opening gifts during the weekend, we also offer a Sinful Four Weeks of Playful Christmas Premium calendar and a Sinful Four Weeks of Playful Christmas Deluxe calendar. With these editions, you will have the opportunity to open 4 doors with multiple surprises hidden behind each one. This way you can assign each Sunday in December a theme with new naughty toys.

    However, the six Christmas calendars are only available in limited quantities, so don’t wait too long to make your December even more intimate.

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