WaterClean Spike Shower Head
WaterClean Spike Shower Head
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WaterClean Spike Shower Head

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Product Description

The Waterclean Spike anal shower head is the best for intimate cleaning before anal play, ensuring a pleasurable and hygienic experience without any nasty surprises.

The shower head is made from quality plastic and has a very smooth, comfortable surface. For added comfort apply a water-based lubricant to the head of WaterClean Spike before insertion. 

The WaterClean Spikes design makes sure the water pressure is not too high, so that you have full control during cleaning.

How to use your WaterClean Spike:
Simply screw the shower head to your shower hose. You will now be able to control the temperature and direction you wish the water to spray. Body temperature or lukewarm water provides the most comfortable experience. The manufacturer advises against using water at temperatures over 40 degrees centigrade.

After use you can clean the shower head by dipping it in boiled water. To avoid deformation it should not be left in the hot water. Alternatively, you can clean it using sex toy cleaner.

Product Details

MATERIAL: ABS plastic.
LENGTH: 13 cm.
DIAMETER: 0.4-2 cm.
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish.


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