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Electro & Medical Fetish

Electrify your sex play with electro toys or explore your innermost areas with sensuous medical play. In our large selection of sex toys for electro and medical fetish, you will find lots of gear to make your experience even sexier, wilder and more stimulating.

Medical fetish - A different kind of pleasure

What is electro fetish?

Sex. Most people have it, and since you’re currently in our sex shop, we dare say you belong to one of the more active users. And with you exploring our electro fetish page, it may suggest you are curious about a different type of sex. Because this area is far from the usual vanilla sex and entails a range of different opportunities. But what is it? Why should you include electricity in your sex life? Isn’t it dangerous? There is actually a very reasonable explanation for it. And that, you will get right here. 

As experienced medical fetish and electro-sex enthusiasts know, the body is positively affected by electric impulses in the right amounts. Just like vibrations, electricity affects your nerves and creates a teasing and tickling feeling leading to intense muscle contractions. Electro-medical fetish is certainly not for everyone, but if you enjoy playing with senses it could be a great option for you. Have a look at our large selection right here and let yourself be inspired.

Electro and medical fetish - adult doctor play

How many times haven’t you heard the term “wanna play doctor?” followed by a sheepish smile. But for fetishists, doctor play is not a joke. It is a kinky niche that uses specific tools such as dilators and speculums, taking dominance play to a completely new level. Again, electro and medical fetish play are not for everyone, but it is certainly nothing to be scared of or ashamed about. Doctor play is just another type of role play. Some like to dress up in sexy costumes to live out the characters even more, but for many, it is more about the erotic accessories and tools that can be incorporated into the fun. 

Because this type of play is a bit special, it is important that you build it around trust - just like any other dominance-related sex play. The tools used for this can leave the receiver vulnerable as they give up a lot of control to the giver. This can be extremely arousing and intimate, but you need to make sure there is trust between you and your partner to fully enjoy the experience. 

Electro BDSM is shockingly stimulating

In other words, sex can be found in many different and unexpected shapes and sizes. At Sinful we consider all types of sex with consent positive. This is why we aim to inspire you to be more playful with sex toys, also if you’re interested in electro BDSM. On this page, you can find a large selection of products and accessories you can use when you want to engage in electro and medical fetish play. When you shop at Sinful, you can always be sure that the products are safe to use and of the highest quality. Because when it has to do with your intimate parts, you should never compromise safety. All our products are specifically chosen and quality tested, so you can feel good and comfortable buying from our page. 

If you have any further questions or want to learn more about our products in the category of electro and medical fetish, you are always more than welcome to contact our customer service. We are here to help you with anything you need and make sure you get the best possible experience when shopping at Sinful. 

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