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Kegel Balls

If you want to strengthen your pelvic muscles and keep your pelvic floor in shape, kegel balls come in handy. Training will increase your vagina’s sensitivity, which often leads to more powerful orgasms and a more satisfying sex life. We warmly recommend it to women of all ages.

Kegel Balls - Shortcut to a better sex life

How to exercise with Kegel Balls

Have you heard about kegel balls before? If you have been pregnant or have had problems with incontinence then it is likely that you have heard the name before. But they are so much more than that. In short, they are a guaranteed shortcut to a better sex life and healthier abdomen.

Regardless of whether you are young or older, a beginner or experienced, it is never too early or late to start training your pelvic floor. The muscles in your pelvic floor, as with any other muscles in your body, need training. In addition, gynaecologists, midwives, sexologists and sex counselors recommend that women do pelvic floor exercises regularly.

You can train your pelvic floor without kegel balls with the help of kegel exercises, but most women prefer using kegel balls as they give better and quicker results. Gently insert the ball or balls in your vagina, with the help of a good quality lubricant. Once the balls are inserted you can start with the kegel exercises in the same way you would have without kegel balls. Squeeze as if you are holding in a much needed urination. As with strength training, the weight of the balls will add to the effectiveness. After training, all that is left to do is rinse the balls.

Kegel exercises for a stronger and healthier abdomen

There are (unfortunately) many that mistakenly believe that only mature women have problems with incontinence, or women who have had complications with pregnancy or birth, who can benefit from kegel exercises. This is simply not true. It is correct that if you train your pelvic muscles, you can prevent problems such as incontinence or prevent after-birth problems, but the trick with pelvic floor training is that the abdomen becomes stronger, tighter and more resistant. And it has clear advantages.

For example, did you know that with kegel exercises you increase sensitivity in your vagina, which results in more enjoyment during sex and makes it easier to achieve an orgasm during masturbation or sexual intercourse? Did you know that pelvic floor training is the best cure for a lack of sexual lust and dry mucous membranes in the vagina, due to menopause and a declining production of estrogen? Training of the muscles in the pelvic floor will result in an increase in blood flow and circulation of the abdomen, so that enough estrogen gets to the walls, while strengthening your muscles will keep your vagina moist and resilient.

Both beginners and experienced users

With us you can find kegel balls for beginners as well as the practiced user. It can be difficult to decide which balls to choose - should it be one or two and should they be light or heavy? Rule of thumb is that the heavier the balls, the more challenging the training is. As a beginner you should select the lightest balls and replace them as your muscles get stronger.

When you select your kegel balls, take note of both size and material. The smaller and smoother the ball the more difficult it is to pinch your pelvic muscles hard enough to hold it up. You can therefore invest in a full set, such as Je Joue Ami, with which you have the possibility to shift between balls for optimal training.

If you are in doubt about which kegel ball to select, contact our customer service. We take pride in advising and guiding you onto the right path - and the right product. Our very knowledgeable colleagues stand ready to answer your questions.

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