A person with a buttplug in the hand and two other buttplugs lying on a sheetA person with a buttplug in the hand and two other buttplugs lying on a sheet
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Anal sex study finds: What gives women the most pleasure

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A large American research study has tested which techniques give women the most pleasure during anal sex. The study had 3,017 women participate aged anywhere between 18 and 93. And I can already tell you that it’s about much more than penetration 

Both the vagina and the opening of the anus are full of nerve endings, but surprisingly the farther you go up the rectum fewer nerve endings there will be. 

That means that a large part of the pleasure from anal sex comes from external stimulation rather than internal. 

But If you can’t use penetration, what techniques should you use? 

3 new techniques for anal sex

Around four out of 10 women in the study reported that they experienced pleasure with different forms of anal stimulation. A quarter of women had never experimented with anal pleasure before the start of the study.

The results speak for themself, and the conclusion of which techniques the women regarded the most positive are:

Illustration of anal surfacing close-up of finger on rim of anus
Anal surfacing : 40.3% of women liked to be touched on and around the anus with either a penis, sex toy or a finger.
Illustration of anal shallowing close-up of finger slightly in anus
Anal shallowing : 34.6% found it pleasurable when fingers, sex toys or a penis touched just inside the opening of the anus or more than that.
Illustration of anal pairing close-up of butt plug in anus while vibrator stimulates clitoris
Anal pairing : 39.9% think caressing the rim of the anus - inside or outside - at the same time as vaginal sex or clitoris stimulation is pleasurable.

There is more to anal sex than just penetration. 

The study also showed that more of the women who didn’t find anal stimulation pleasurable at the start changed their opinion over time. Maybe it’s because the focus wasn’t on penetration alone but more on external stimulation instead. 

And what should you do with all this information? Well, I’ll tell you!

Orgasms that win awards

Like how you can stimulate the clitoris to achieve an orgasm, you can do the same with the anus. The more nerve endings that become stimulated, the bigger and more intense

the orgasm will be. 

I’ve written a little about the biggest benefits of anal sex – if you want to know even more.

The vulva can be stimulated in many different ways using fingers, a tongue, sex toys, and, of course, other body parts. And the same goes for the anus.

If you’d like to experience award-winning orgasms, you can take a closer look at some sex toys specifically designed to help you along the way. 

If you’re unsure how you like to be stimulated anally, it can be good to have aids at hand. 

A person holding two butt plugs in hands while a third butt plug lays on leg

Which sex toy for which technique? 

There are different products for different techniques, and I’m happy to be your guide so you can find the absolute best choice for your needs.

Anal surfacing

If you think anal surfacing sounds interesting, you can caress with a finger using different movements. You could try tickling, tapping, rubbing back and forth, or making circular motions. 

If you want vibrations, the baseks vibrating beginner anal plug is a good purchase. Even though it’s an anal plug it’s entirely up to you whether you put it in or not. Instead, you can focus the vibrations on certain places and find what works for you. 

Purple butt plug with vibrator being held in a hand

Anal shallowing 

Experience a wide range of stimulating options with anal shallowing. Here’s where you find out how deep the penetration should go and what you like. 

Is it the tip of a finger? Down to the first knuckle? The tip of a penis? 

There are many different anal sex toys that can meet your needs. With the Amaysin Wave - vibrating anal beads, you have the chance to explore one pearl at a time. 

With anal beads, you can easily decide how many pearls will go inside and how slowly you’ll drag them out again. With that in mind, you can stimulate the nerve endings until you’re trembling with pure excitement. 

Dark green anal beads being held in a hand

Anal pairing 

If your thoughts revolve around anal pairing, there are many options for you. Like I said before with anal surfacing and shallowing, it’s about finding the right sex toy for your needs.

And then there are the sex toys that give you the option for double penetration.

If you want to be stimulated gradually and have a partner by your side the Sinful Slender Silicone Dildo is the obvious choice for the job.

A slender dildo gives you the choice to easily move back and forth at your own pace because of its smooth design. Whether it’s a little tease or deep penetration a slender dildo is a perfect choice for beginners.  If you’re flying solo the Sinful Triple Fun is the obvious choice because it stimulates the clitoris, vagina and anus all at the same time.

Black three-pronged sex toy being held in a hand

Anal sex without penetration

Now anal sex is back on the map as one of the areas that can give you the most pleasure.

With anal stimulation, you get some new and different options than you’ve tried before. It can lead to bigger and more intense orgasms once you find out which technique works the best for you. 

Because nowhere did it say that it had to be penetration.


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