Purple sex toys for women from Fantasy For HerPurple sex toys for women from Fantasy For Her

Fantasy for Her - Playful and Delicious Sex Toys

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Although there are several different collections of sex toys for women, few of them are as playful as Fantasy for Her. That’s why we have dedicated an entire post to them.

Fantasy for Her has created a small, wonderful universe of feminine products for spoiling areas such as the clitoris, nipples and the G-spot.

The design itself is dominated by pastel colours, so you can enjoy the recurring theme every time you open your favourite drawer.

Two hands each holding a purple sex toy

Who is Fantasy for Her?

Fantasy for Her is a brand created by the American Pipedream, which is the world's largest manufacturer of sex toys. They started the empire in 1973 and have grown steadily ever since.

With Fantasy for Her, they have focused on creativity and play. And it’s clearly reflected in their products, as they exude curiosity and enjoyment!

The innovative models have different forms of stimulation that you won’t find in many other places. I'll review the top 5 with you in a moment.

A hand holding a purple sex toy

What Can I Expect From a Fantasy for Her Sex Toy?

You can expect a unique brand with a very special expression.

Different people have different experiences—not least when it comes to sex toys.

Let me put it this way:

Do you get ecstatic when you see the Fantasy for Her products, and would you like to try one of each? Then the products are for you. If they have the opposite effect, the features won’t overshadow their aesthetic expression.

The individual products each have their own area of focus, and emphasis has been put on the fact that they are innovative functions. This means that you as a consumer get an experience you haven’t tried before.

I found the five most popular products for you.

Close-up of a purple sex toy

The most popular products from Fantasy For Her

As I said, Fantasy for Her is a brand with carefully selected products.

This makes it easy for you to get an overview of the products before choosing which ones are right for you.

Still, there are a few that have been popular from day one.

Close-up of purple sex toy

1. The Popular Girl in Class

When you see the Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure 3-in-1 Stimulator, you might be thinking, ‘What in the world …’, and then immediately examine it further. At least that's exactly what I did!

Ultimate Pleasure has won several awards for its originality and particularly its features - and we’ll review those now:

The head itself is designed to simulate oral sex (yes please).

The bowl is placed over the labia and the clitoral area, where it forms a vacuum, which makes the experience even more intense when the tongue starts.

Two bowls in different sizes and a knobbly sleeve are included to pull over the tongue if you want a different effect.

The curved shaft can be inserted and used to stimulate the G-spot area.

Of course, the bowl can also be placed elsewhere on the body, such as nipples, where the tongue can be allowed to spoil you.

Two hands holding a purple sex toy

2. The one that does it all

Here you get everything that was in the original Ultimate Pleasure plus a few extras.

For those of you who have been craving more than the 3-in-1, let me introduce you to the Fantasy for Her Her Ultimate Pleasure Pro.

The 2022 model comes with the shaft in the front so you don’t have to choose one or the other. The G-Spot vibrator stimulates internally while the bowl and simulated tongue work together to please the clitoris.

It comes with two bowls in different sizes, and two silicone tongue sleeves with toe curling ridges. Combine that with all the functions and you can spend hours experimenting what works best.

Who could forget about the sturdy handle which gives you full control and something to hold on to for bumpy rides.

Fantasy For Her Her Ultimate Pleasure Pro Stimulator

3. The Underrated Lover

With the Fantasy for Her Vibrating Sex Machine, you get full focus on the G-spot area!

The product looks simple, but contains surprises.

It can vibrate and rotate at the same time. And then there’s the thrust function on top, which ensures that you are stimulated internally in every conceivable way.

What’s missing for the product to be perfect? A heating function perhaps? It has that too!

The heating function makes the experience even more realistic when you insert the product. As another small plus, it can be a true lifesaver with an inner, temperate stimulation if you experience menstrual pain, as the heat relieves the pain.

A hand holding a purple sex toy

4. The Oral Express

Take out your Fantasy for Her Fun Tongue Vibrator when you need pure oral pleasure.

The knobbly tongue rotates and vibrates, and the soft head around the tongue provides targeted attention.

If you take the head off, your experience becomes even more intense, as the tongue really gets free reigns.

With its small, light size, it’s easy to explore the clitoral area or let it please other erogenous zones on the body. You also get a heating function with Fun Tongue, which makes the experience as organic as possible.

Close-up of a hand holding a purple sex toy

5. The G-Spot Enthusiast

If you want hands-free play, the Fantasy for Her G-Spot Stimulate-Her Vibrator is ready for service.

With the remote control you can control the various functions, and you can sit back and just enjoy!

The curved design of the shaft targets your G-spot area

The frontal, outer part massages the clitoral area, and the back part stimulates your crotch. The soft wings wrap around you and the vibrator, so you experience a close, intimate feeling.

Turn on the heating function and complete the experience.

Two hands holding a purple sex toy with a remote control

6. The Little Helper

Whether you’re looking for a vibrator egg or a pelvic floor trainer, the Fantasy for Her Remote-Controlled Vibrator Egg is the helper you need.

As a training partner, you can throw boring squeezing exercises over the shoulder and instead look forward to inserting the egg into place.

With a stronger pelvic floor comes more powerful orgasms. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the pinch club, this vibrator egg is for you.

If you want to involve your partner, whether it’s for training or entertainment, a remote control is included, which can be hidden in the palm of your hand.

Take the egg on a trip, and get some fresh air and red cheeks.

Two hands holding a purple sex toy with a remote control

Is Fantasy for Her Something for Me?

Do you see yourself as a curious person who loves to try new, innovative products, and do you love the whole feminine universe? Then you and Fantasy for Her are definitely a match!

If you’re more into the classics that have been developed to perfection over a number of years, you may need to consider choosing a different brand.


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