Man opens his pants and shows his brilliant underwearMan opens his pants and shows his brilliant underwear
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Load Nut November - 30 Ways to Masturbate

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You’ve probably heard of ‘No Nut November’ - the popular challenge where men are not allowed to ejaculate throughout this cold winter month.

As a counterplay to this boring phenomenon, we’ve initiated ‘Load Nut November’ here at Sinful.

We much prefer the idea that men masturbate every single day for an entire month so they can explore and experience what great masturbation is to them.

And it gets even better - according to a study by Harvard University, ejaculation 21 times or more per month can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by up to a third.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of 30 ways where you can masturbate in a different way throughout the month of November - or any other month for that matter.


Pss! It’s a good idea to check out the entire list before you get started. You might need to get your hands on some assistive devices to make it through such a challenging month.

1. The bad hand

We’re starting out gently. You are to use the hand you don’t normally go to when masturbating - the one that’s less in shape for this sport. It can be a challenge but it will give you a different (and maybe even better) sensation than what you’re used to.

Illustration of a hand

2. Try the magic ring

Have you ever tried masturbating with a cock ring? If not, you’ve got something to look forward to. The cock ring can give you a harder erection, make you last longer and increase every sensation. Remember, a cock ring should not be worn longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Illustration of a ring on a penis

3. A Shower Session

Today you are starting the day with some well-deserved enjoyment in the shower. You set the tempo but begin and finish your masturbation adventure during bath time - feel the warmth of the water that provides a very unique sensation to your session. After this, you’ll be ready to take on the world!

Illustration of water and a penis

4. The Perfect Glide

Everyone can greatly benefit from a bit (or a lot!) of lube. These magical drops create an extra dimension to your fun that’ll make masturbation even better. Opt for a silicone-based lube when you’re going solo as it provides the most long-lasting glide, giving you a smooth ride all the way to the finish line.

Illustration of a lube

5. Wrap it up

Condoms have so many more benefits than they get credit for. Playing with a condom can help you get familiar with the rubber cover so you’ll look like a pro the next time you got company, and you’ll get used to the sensations of wearing one. Condoms can also help you last longer because of the difference in sensitivity when wrapping your tool.

Psst! Got problems staying hard when putting on a condom? No worries, we got you. Slide on a cock ring by the base - the restriction of blood flow will keep your dong rock hard.

Illustration of a condom

6. Listen to Audioporn

Maybe you’re used to watching porn when you masturbate but today you’re doing something different. You are listening to audioporn! Let one or multiple voices float through your ear canals and get your blood pumping. They’ll guide you from start to finish, and don’t worry - no juicy details are spared!

Illustration of a mouth

7. Switch Positions

A lot of guys tend to masturbate in the same old position every time but that’s about to change. If you’re usually sitting, get up! If you’re a standing masturbator champ, try lying on your back. If you’re always on your back, try sitting. You get the jizz, ahem, gist.

Illustration of three men - lying down, sitting and standing

8. On The Dot With A Butt Plug

The anus is equipped with thousands of nerve endings wired purely for pleasure - a butt plug can be a great help in exploring exactly how they work. If it’s your first time peeking through the backdoor, start with a finger or a small butt plug for beginners. And remember! Loads of anal lube.

Illustration of a butt plug

9. All Eyes on the Frenulum

Today, reserve all your attention for the frenulum (the string between the bottom of your penis head and shaft). The task of the day is to stimulate it with your fingers or the palm of your hand. For the ultimate massage-like experience, get your lube from earlier out and add a dash before discovering the ecstatic potential of playing this string.

Illustration of a finger touching the frenulum

10. The Sleeping Bag for Your Penis

The entirety of your shaft is in for a treat today! Pick your favourite sleeve - maybe you already have one lying around at home but if you don’t, a pocket pussy or masturbater egg is a pretty worthwhile investment in your pleasure - for today, and for the sake of future you.

Illustration of a masturbator sleeve on a penis

11. Get Close with Edging

Start out by masturbating like you usually do - but hold on! When you feel like you’re close to orgasm, stop. Let your penis be (it’s hard, we know) and cool down just a bit. When you’re no longer close to the edge, repeat the exercise 3 to 5 times before shooting your load. 

Psst! Edging can actually help with stamina and train you to last longer in bed because you’ll learn exactly when to pause in order to control ejaculation.

Illustration of a hand grabbing a penis

12. It tickles in all the right places

You might think that a vibrator is only for a clitoris but you couldn’t be more mistaken. The small vibrations can be a thrill for both the frenulum, the perineum and up and down the shaft. Use a small vibrator while you masturbate and find out exactly how the buzzing sensation can work its magic for you.

Illustration of a hand that holds a small vibrator

13. The Sleeping Hand

The next task is simple. Sit on your hand until it goes numb, and give yourself a handjob with said hand. When your hand is asleep, it can almost give you the feeling of someone else doing the job, and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of assistance?

Illustration of a hand asleep

14. Look But Don’t Touch!

Did you know that when you restrict one of your five senses, the other four are heightened? You’ll get to see (feel) for yourself today when you are masturbating with a blindfold on. It might seem silly at first but we promise you it’ll be an experience beyond the usual.

Illustration of a blindfold

15. Use Both Hands

We need all hands on deck today! Or just the two you’ve got. There are several ways to go - put one hand on top of the other, merge fingers or use index fingers and thumbs on both hands to slide them up and down.

Psst! If both hands on the penis don’t really work for you, use one hand on the penis and the other to play with your nipples, balls or perineum.

Illustration of two hands

16. A Handjob Upgrade

Time to upgrade your fiver finger shuffle with some premium equipment - a masturbator. If you don’t already have one at home, this is the perfect occasion to get one - no more excuses. Which one do you prefer? A Fleshlight? A penis vibrator or a blowjob stimulator? There’s something for every taste.

Illustration of a masturbator

17. Find A New Spot

Do you usually masturbate in the same place? Then it’s time to go on exploration at home. It doesn’t matter whether you get it on in the living room, in the bathroom, on the kitchen table, in your rocking chair or on the floor. As long as it’s in a place where you don’t usually masturbate, then mission accomplished!

Illustration of an open door

18. A Massage for Kings

Time to get the massage oil running. You need a massage oil that is suitable for the entire body so you can get into every nook and cranny. Focus on the erogenous zones of your body like your nipples, your inner thigh and your perineum. Remember, it has to be an oil that is suitable for intimate use like the Sinful Intimate Massage Oil.

Illustration of a massage oil

19. Discover the Wonders of Your Prostate

This day is ‘stimulate your P-spot (prostate)’-day. Use a finger or a prostate stimulator to reach. The little magic spot is located about 3-7 cm up the anus and is the size of a chestnut. With the right stimulation, you can reach intense anal orgasms - with and without stimulating the penis!

Illustration of the prostate

20. The Hand of Ice

Grab a handful of ice cubes from your freezer and hold them till you reach your limit. Now use your cold hand to touch yourself all over your body and feel the different sensation of a chilled touch when you finally grab your penis.

Illustration of two ice cubes

21. Pull The Balls

It can be difficult to ejaculate when you’re only allowed to play with the balls but the orgasm isn’t the sole focus of this activity. Spend time spoiling your balls, giving them the attention they deserve, and feel how they can really be part of the fun - and, of course, you are allowed to orgasm if it takes you all the way.

Illustration of a pair of testicles

22. The Small Head

Up until now, we’ve been focusing on the sensitive frenulum. Today, we expand a bit so that the entire head gets the attention it deserves. Again, it’s a good idea to add your favourite lube or intimate massage oil for a proper glide and a very happy head.

Illustration of a penis head

23. Invite Your Partner to The Party

If you have a partner, invite them to join the fun! The task of the day is to masturbate together - but no touching each other! It can be such a thrill watching your partner touch themself - and it offers a unique opportunity to see what your partner really likes.

Psst! If you’re rocking the solo life, grab a mirror and enjoy the view of yourself having a blast.

Illustration of two hearts

24. The Sensitive Nipples

The nipples are a part of the most sensitive erogenous zones of the body but they are often the least prioritised. This is sad because some people can actually orgasm by nipple stimulation alone. You can use your fingers to explore or use a set of nipple clamps that will increase blood flow and sensitivity, which will, in turn, increase pleasure.

Illustration of a finger on a nipple

25. The Extra Potent Erection

When you use a penis pump, you get temporary extra centimetres in both length and girth. Of course, it’s fun with an addition to your dong but the real pleasure is found in the fact that the pump increases the sensitivity of your enjoyment.

Illustration of a penis pump

26. Slow Down

A lot of guys often grab the penis and shake it like a cocktail mixer on the busiest bar in town but that’s not always the way to go. Today we want you to set a timer of 60 minutes and take it slow. It will help you last longer - and the blast-off will be all the more intense when the clock says go!

Illustration of a watch

27. Double Up On Cock Rings

You’ve had the pleasure of one cock ring earlier on, now double up on that and have fun with the advanced model. This time we want you to try a double cock ring that provides a tight grip around both the penis and the balls, adding even more intensity to the fun.

Psst! You can also use two separate cock rings - one at the base of the balls and one at the base of the shaft.

Illustration of two cock rings on a penis

28. Keep Your Clothes On

Today you’re trying something that you might haven’t done since those early days in your teenage room. You are masturbating with your clothes on. This time (probably) not because you’re scared of getting caught by your parents but because it’s fun and challenging. You decide whether you're going for a session outside your pants or under them.

Illustration of a person with a hand in their pants

29. A Good Day At Work

You’ll be arriving with a smile at the office today because today you’re spending your lunch break (or any other break) on a different kind of sausage - you are masturbating! Of course, you’re not doing it in the line to the printer. Go to the bathroom or somewhere private where you won’t be disturbed - and won’t disturb anyone else.

Illustration of an office chair

30. The Favourite

Congratulations! You made it all the way through. Was it hard? In any case, you deserve a reward. Today you get to choose your favourite way of masturbating. Maybe you just want to do what you usually do. Maybe you’ve discovered your love for anal stimulation, ice cube fun or something entirely different. The choice is yours! Wank away.

Illustration of a gold star

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