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Anal Dildos for Women

An anal dildo allows you to take a step further into the pleasurable realm of anal stimulation. A dildo suitable for anal use needs to have a wider base, which functions as a stopper. As with all anal toys, it is important to use a generous amount of anal lube before insertion.

Anal dildo for Women - A titillating supplement to your sex life

Anal dildos for women offer many added play options

Would you like to experiment with anal stimulation, or are you already a huge fan of it? Regardless of how experienced you are, you can get a fuller, more intense stimulation with an anal dildo for women. An anal dildo for women is usually larger than a butt plug and therefore provides more powerful stimulation. But as a beginner, you can find a smaller size to start out with.

An anal dildo for women is usually a penis-shaped or oblong dildo that is inserted anally. Some anal dildos have a suction cup on one end that you can attach to smooth surfaces. In that way you have your hands free for other naughty things, while you enjoy your anal stimulation. Other anal dildos have a flat foot. These dildos require you to hold onto them during play, giving you more control to stimulate exactly where it feels best for you. With an anal dildo for women with a flat foot, you also have the option to use it in a harness for fun strap-on sex with your partner.

Regardless of which anal dildo for women you best prefer from our assortment, you can be sure that it will be safe and comfortable to use. All of our dildos are designed with a foot or stopper, so you avoid it moving unintendedly during use allowing you to just relax.

What can an anal dildo for women do?

Most women know about a normal dildo, which inserts vaginally. An anal dildo for women can do just about the same as a vaginal dildo. It is inserted anally and stimulates you with penetration. But an anal dildo for women can also stimulate in other ways.

There are many nerves in and around the anus, and they are all very sensitive. When you get stimulated anally, all of those sensitive nerves are aroused, which feels extremely kinky and really good. Many women even experience extra deep orgasms when stimulated anally. So even though an anal dildo for women is, in many ways, similar to a vaginal dildo, you will get stimulated in a way that you have perhaps never tried before.

When using an anal dildo for women, it is important that you relax and feel completely safe in the situation. Many women use anal relax spray before inserting an anal dildo. The spray anesthetizes the area around the anus, without taking away any feeling. It is therefore a very good idea to use it if you are a beginner. Whether you are a beginner, experienced or an expert, using an anal lubricant with your anal dildo is always a good idea. People do not naturally produce lubricant in the anus as you would in the vagina. And with the tightness of an anus it is always a good idea to use a good, thick lubricant before insertion.

Anal dildos in all the colours of the rainbow

At Sinful.eu you can find a large selection of different anal dildos. Would you like an anal dildo for women that feels and looks realistic? Then we have one for you. If you love bright colours, then there are so many to choose from. Most women love design, when it comes to clothes, but also when it comes to sex toys. And for many it adds an extra dimension if the anal dildo looks as good as it feels. Therefore, in our assortment you can find everything from neutral anal dildos, to the more extravagant and colourful kinds.

If you are in doubt on which anal dildo for women you should choose, or if you have questions about the size of the dildo, then you are always welcome to call our customer service. We are ready to take your calls or reply to your mails and give you advice, so that you can find the dildo that best suits you, your needs and desires.

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