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    Cum Lube

    If you like playing with sperm or have a fantasy about trying it, you've come to the right place. With our range of cum lubes, you get a realistic experience that can help you realise your naughtiest fantasies.

    Fake Cum for extra kinky play

    What is cum lube?

    It’s just like the real thing - or so you'd think. It feels, smells and looks like real sperm, which makes the whole experience even more realistic when you're getting down and dirty. So whether you want to recreate the wildest sex scenes or just add an extra kinky element to your solo play, artificial sperm is the perfect addition.

    The artificial semen, also called “porn sperm”, is typically made as a water-based lubricant, but some may contain silicone. However, the actual use remains the same, whether you're in the mood for vaginal or anal play or want to spice things up with latex condoms or an exciting array of sexy toys. It’s a big plus if you just want to spray it all over your body and let your hottest fantasies run wild - alone or with a partner.

    The products on this page can also be used as a little extra accessory for erotic shows and kinky BDSM games. These types of experiences are typically a little naughtier than many people are used to. So, if you've been pining after fantasies with imitation sperm, these products are guaranteed to be right up your street.

    Fake cum can be used by anyone

    No matter the gender, alone or a couple, you can definitely benefit from using fake cum lube. It has a unique ability to mimic the real thing, and it only gets better if you remember to warm it up before use. That way, it will feel just like the real thing - both when it hits your body and when you play with it afterwards. If you use the products in a squirting dildo, you're guaranteed a delightful and realistic experience. So, if the idea of playing with fake sperm turns you on and you don't already know about squirting dildos, you should do yourself a favour and visit our category here in the shop. We have a large selection of dildos that can all squirt, and by combining them with cum lube, you're sure to get the lifelike and insanely kinky experience you've been dreaming of.

    Fake sperm for fun and naughty play

    There are many names for lubes that are made to look like real semen, they all do the same thing - imitate the white fluid that comes out when men ejaculate. And the products on this site do that very well. It’s hard to see and feel the difference between high-quality cum lube and what comes from a real penis.

    Of course, many people buy these products because it gives them an extra erotic element in their kinky play. Among other things, porn sperm can help fulfil many fantasies, such as trying a lot at once. You can experience this with fake semen, and the best part is you don’t have to invite strange men over.

    The products may vary slightly, so read the descriptions to ensure you get the right product for your bedroom. If you have any questions about the products, you’re more than welcome to contact our customer service, who are happy to help you.

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