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Anal Hooks

Do you have experience with BDSM play or are you a bit curious about what this exciting universe can offer? Have a look at our amazing anal hooks and find your new favourite toy.

Anal hook - Fun fetish play

Do you know about the BDSM anal hook?

If you’ve never bumped into a BDSM anal hook before, then the products on this page may seem a bit daunting. But stay for a while and give us the chance to show you why they can be amazing and should be part of your sex toy collection at home - even though this may not be the place to go if you are at the very beginning of your BDSM adventure. These products are for the more experienced users, who have already been introduced to the many wonders of the bondage universe. 

If you are well-versed in the BDSM world, then you may already know a bit about the anal hook. Whether you’ve tried it a bunch of times and know your way around it already or not, you’re welcome to stay here and learn more about the many wonders this incredible toy can supply you with. 

We will now be explaining much more about what this product is and how you can use it to take your sexual experiences to new heights.

What is an anal hook?

Let’s get the definition in place first. An anal hook is typically made of steel or other types of metals. One end (the one that should be inserted in your anus) is often designed with a small ball on it. On the other end, you find a small loop where there is room to put your finger through, while you place and insert the end with the ball in either your or your partner’s anus. Even though this looks to be the purpose of it, the loop can be used for something completely different and much naughtier. 

As the anal hook is often used in during bondage and dominance play, the loop is intended to be used with a rope. You can pull a rope through it and use it in a ton of different and fun ways while you or your partner is tied up. 

When the anal hook is inserted, you will often find yourself in a ‘Hogtie-position’ with a rope through the loop that connects the hook to another part of your body. For example, this could be your hands tied to your back, your ankles or maybe even a ponytail in your hair.

Try an anal hook

At Sinful, you can find a good selection of different anal hooks so you can find the one that fits your needs the best. They typically look quite similar in design, but they do have some differences that you should be aware of when choosing your new toy. For example, you can find models with balls varying in size. This allows you to choose a size that fits your needs and level of experience. If you str a beginner, it makes more sense to go with a smaller version, whereas an experienced user may want to opt for a bigger one. 

Browse through this page and find the perfect match for you, so you can get started with all the fun. If you’re going to use it with a partner, you may want to include them in the process of choosing the best anal hook for you.

If you’re in doubt about which one to go for or have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service. We will help you find the perfect anal hook for you and guide you in any way you need.

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TickDiscreet delivery and packaging
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