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HolyTrainer is for those who love chastity play. The products are made of 100% natural materials and can be used for long periods of time without the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritation. Choose HolyTrainer for a world of kinky dominance play.

HolyTrainer is Quality

What makes HolyTrainer unique?

HolyTrainer products are made of 100% natural resin, which makes the product unique. It responds to the body's warmth, and the material can change its characteristics according to temperature. The material becomes more flexible and soft, making it very suitable for long-term use.

The material is free from toxins and allergy-friendly. This provides the best conditions for long-term play. At Sinful, we prioritise safety, and with HolyTrainer, we can fully vouch for the product. Another thing that makes HolyTrainer chastity belts unique is the integrated magic lock, which eliminates the need for a separate padlock. This makes it very easy to use the products.

All you need to do is assemble the ring and the penis cage and secure it with the included key. Many other chastity belts often have multiple parts, which can make it a bit more complicated to assemble and keep track of when separated. With HolyTrainer, you get a quality chastity belt that is incredibly user-friendly.

How to Use HolyTrainer Chastity Belt?

We recommend using a little lubricant when putting on your HolyTrainer chastity belt. Start by putting on the ring, which shouldn't be too tight. Testicles usually expand when the temperature rises, so there should be a little extra space around the ring to start with. If you choose not to use lubricant, it can also be done in the bath, where water can help to place the ring.

Once the ring is on, you can slide the penis into the penis cage (use extra lubricant here) and align it with the ring that's already in place. When they're aligned, you can lock it with the clever locking mechanism. The lock itself resembles a type of cylinder and is easy to operate. The keys to the lock are also included. Thanks to the so-called Magic Lock, there's no need for a regular padlock.

The chastity belt is also difficult to escape from, unlike cheaper alternatives. This allows the partner to have 100% control over the man.

Advantages of HolyTrainer

HolyTrainer comes in several sizes and variations. The ring itself fits almost all men regardless of penis size. The penis cage comes in various lengths, depending on penis size and whether you prefer it tighter or looser. Nonetheless, you can be sure of a naughty and tantalising experience.

With HolyTrainer, the man is prevented from getting an erection, and the partner can control when the man is allowed to be released and have their desires fulfilled. An incredibly naughty and tantalising experience.

All chastity belts have small ventilation holes so that the man can release some of the heat generated by the penis. At the same time, it provides better comfort and hygiene.

If you're unsure about the differences between the different variants or don't know which size of HolyTrainer to choose, you're welcome to contact our customer service team, who are ready to assist you.

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