The world’s first sex toys made with ocean-bound plastic

The world’s first sex toy range made with ocean-bound plastic. The ohhcean collection features silky silicone covered sex toys that give new life to old plastic. Even a tiny drop can begin a movement. And we couldn’t be more excited to start the first wave.

"From plastic waste to pleasure waves"
Come along on
the voyage
Follow the journey of the plastic lids all the way from being collected by local fishermen to being processed, transformed, and turning into exquisite new ohhcean sex toys.
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    Fishermen collecting plastic from in and around the ocean
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    The hard plastic lids that will be transformed with #tide’s recycling expertise
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    The lids are collected and one step closer to becoming granulate
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    First part of the plastic transformation process
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    Plastic granulate ready to give life to our ohhcean products
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    Transformation complete. The world’s first sex toys with ocean-bound plastic
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    We are
    Mathilde Mackowski, Co-Founder

ohhcean® by Sinful

What is ohhcean?

Meet ohhcean. The world's first sex toy series made with ocean-bound plastic. With this innovation, we have started a new chapter. A small step in the right direction. This is a small drop in the ocean, but even the smallest drop can set a movement in motion - and with this collection we are incredibly happy to be able to start the first wave.

The brand new ohhcean series offers three sex toys made with ocean-bound plastic that are coated with a thin layer of silky soft silicone. The three products are bonafide classics that we all know and love - the efficient magic wand, the luxurious G-spot vibrator, and a powerful body vibrator. All three are fully rechargeable, they come with seven different vibration patterns, and finally, they are wrapped in environmentally conscious packaging.

All ohhcean products are manufactured in collaboration with #tide, which is one of the world's leading organisations in the field of upcycling and recycling of ocean-bound plastics. It’s a collaboration that we are very proud of, for several reasons. #tide ensures that the plastic is collected in and around the sea in Southeast Asia in collaboration with charities. They ensure that the material is not only made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic but that the entire process is also powered by renewable energy.

Sex toys made with ocean-bound plastic

As we have already mentioned a few times, the sex toys from ohhcean are made with ocean-bound plastic. But what does that mean? To be specific, this means that the plastic that has been used to make all the sex toys in this series has either been found in the ocean or close to it, risking ending in the ocean with the next rainfall.

The plastic is collected by local fishermen in and around the ocean, streams and lakes. These fishermen are both trained and paid to collect the material and sort it. Different kinds of plastic are collected. Both what is called PET and PP. PET, also known as polyethylene terephthalate, is an easily recyclable thermoplastic. It’s the kind you've met if you've been drinking a soda or water bottle. The lids from these bottles are what, through the recycling process, end up being a part of our ohhcean products.

Once the plastic material has been collected from the ocean and all the nearby areas, it is registered, washed clean, and shredded into very small pieces. It is then processed by partners who break it down using renewable energy.

How did ohhcean by Sinful start?

It has been a long journey for Mathilde Mackowski, co-founder of Sinful, and her team to reach the finish line with ohhcean. It required a dedicated team effort and intense collaboration with the most skilled professionals in the field to make all the elements come together. The products from ohhcean by Sinful had to be nothing short of a luxurious sex toy made with a recycled core, which performs at least as well as everything else in the same category - and produced under ethically responsible conditions.

The way the dream of ohhcean by Sinful came true was through the collaboration with #tide, thanks to their expertise in upcycling and recycling of ocean-bound plastic. #tide was the partner we needed because their focus is transparency and ethically high standards throughout the supply chain.

An awareness of the environment has been a central concern in every single step of the development of the ohhcean by Sinful products. In addition to the recycled plastic, they have rechargeable batteries as we know them from electric cars, and packaging made of cardboard. This collection has been underway for more than a year and so far contains three types of sex toys, with the ambition of expanding the range with many, many more.