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Pearl Thongs

Have you been through various types of lingerie and need to take the next step on your journey to look even more irresistible and seducing? Treat yourself or your partner with a decorating and stimulating pearl thong.

Pearl thongs - give your underwear drawer new life?

What is a pearl thong?

If you love to feel sexy and the common thongs and strings have become an everyday thing, then a pearl thong is going to be your next step. The purpose of a pearl thong is not only their decorative look - it’s also seduction. The panties also have a stimulating function as you are wearing them, due to a string placed at the bottom, that sits along the labia and stimulates the clitoris. 

The exciting feeling of wearing a crotchless pair of panties and the pearls gliding against your bare skin, can turn into tantalizing foreplay, or a stimulating evening alone. Dress to impress with pearl earrings or an elegant pearl necklace to compliment the panties. You can also go for the natural look with the panties and nothing more. What’s not to love?

A one-in-two solution with sexy underwear and stimulation at the same time is also a great gift for your partner if the panties are not your style but you would like to explore from a distance. Imagine the tantalizing foreplay you can gift your partner with without even touching them, and the heated evening that comes with it.

What do pearl panties do?

The leading brands of pearl panities are NORTIE and Cottelli. The brands have provided different models of pearl panties that suit different tastes. Whether you want the pearls to be placed along the labia or in between, is a question of taste.

If you choose a pantie with a singular pearl string, you will experience the pearls moving stimulating in the middle as you move around. Some people love one string and others feel more stimulated by two. The pearls can be put in between the labia with the clitoris in the middle of the strings. When you move around the pearls will roll around and stimulate clitoris from both sides. 

Most people adore sexy panties. Although it is individual what kind you think suits you. Maybe you feel prettier in a hipster model or is it the g string that makes you do your sexy dance in front of the mirror? Either way, there is a lot of opportunities when it comes to decorating your genitals but the important thing to figure out is if you’d like the panties to have one or two pearl strings. Both are crotchless so you don’t have to worry about taking the pretty things off when you play around in the sheets with your partner. If you want inspiration, you can also read our guide to pearl panties.

The fantasy about a pearl g string

The g-string is flirty enough on its own and comes in many different shapes and sizes. Although a g-string with pearls gives an exclusive design, when you want to dress a little more sexy. Pair the panties with a pair of heels and a chemise for an enchanting evening, but if the everyday life is too busy for a big makeover, you will need nothing more than the elegant pearl g-string to look gorgeous.

Imagine your partner seeing you in your new pearl panties for the first time. The first thing they see is your almost naked body with a cute pair of g-strings on. The closer they study your body, the more surprised they become. 

A small, elegant pearl string is placed where the pantie usually continues. Now they’re attention is caught. A pearl g-string gives a playful touch, where your partner needs to come closer to explore how the panties work.

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