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Chastity Belts

Step into a realm of controlled desire with a chastity belt, designed to let your partner or dominant govern your most intimate pleasures. This is where submission meets sensuality, blending a sense of vulnerability with the thrill of being under their command.

Chastity belt - Perfect for dominance play

The history of the chastity belt

A chastity belt covers the intimate parts and is basically used to lock away the penis or vagina to prevent masturbation or intercourse. When the genitals are caged, the wearer cannot have an erection or be touched and penetrated.

Chastity belts have been around since the Renaissance and have traditionally been made of iron, which is very heavy to wear. Back in the Renaissance, it was typically used to prevent sexual temptation among certain individuals, but some also used the belt to protect their daughters so they could keep their virginity.

A lot has changed since then. Nowadays, they are no longer used to prevent sexual temptation but instead as part of foreplay or longer domination games to titillate each other in the relationship.

Chastity belt for dominance games

Chastity belts are ideal for dominance play in the BDSM universe, where another person - such as your dominant or dominatrix - locks your favourite possession with a padlock. This gives the other person full control over your pleasure and orgasm, which is extremely arousing for the slave as well as the dominant sex partner.

Before you start this type of dominance play, it's important to set expectations and make sure all parties are on board. It's also important that you are honest with each other and let each other know where your boundaries are.

Chastity belts come in many different flavours. They are available in metal, steel, plastic and silicone, so there is definitely something for everyone. We also have a wide range of additional accessories, such as padlocks with timers, locking pins and much more. You'll find it all on this page.

Both for men and women

There are a wide range of chastity belts for men and women. The models for men are often referred to as cock cages, as they are shaped like a cage that closes around the penis.

For women, the products are designed as a belt that buckles around the abdomen, and although they don't have the same design as for men, they work in the same way to prevent both touching and penetration.

Women's chastity belts are available both with full coverage of the intimate area or with a cheeky chain that runs from front to back, leaving little to the imagination. Often resembling a panty, it is typically made of leather, with either a full or partial closure to the vagina, depending on the type of play you're into.

At Sinful, we sell a wide range of the most popular chastity belts. CB-X is one of the leading brands and has a large selection of high-quality products. There are also variants with electrical stimulation, and Mystim is a solid choice.

It can be difficult to know which chastity belt to choose - especially if you're completely new to this type of domination play. Feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions or need guidance. We're ready to help you find the right solution.

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