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Speculums & Anuscopes

Speculums and anuscopes are effective and kinky sex toys for intense pleasure. With a speculum or anuscope you get to enjoy the thrilling sensation of complete vulnerability with your partner, who will have an open view of your innermost parts.

Labia spreader and anal spreader - Get a glimpse of your partner's insides

Play doctor and patient with a labia spreader

Even though we're used to seeing the labia spreaders at the doctor's office, that doesn't mean they can only be used by doctors or other medical professionals. These medical instruments can be a source of pleasure when used to open up the vaginal and anal channels, and thus provide a sense of "being filled out". By offering a range of labia spreaders, Sinful will allow our customers to experiment with clinical sex toys and fantasies. This will allow you to live out the fantasy of the doctor and patient that starts with a regular doctor's visit but then develops into an erotic adventure.

Many of us are familiar with this fantasy and get turned on by it, but we haven’t tried to live it out or maybe we have limited it to role-playing without props. Role-playing can be exciting and satisfying in itself, but by adding props the role-play becomes much more realistic. In the fantasy of the doctor and patient, the labia spreader is a typical prop that can help make the role-play more lifelike.

Vagina spreader or an anal spreader

For those who don't know the difference between a speculum and an anoscope, we will give a brief explanation of both instruments. The gynaecologist uses a vagina spreader to be able to examine the woman's vaginal opening, but this does not mean that the spreader can not be used by others or for other purposes. By opening the woman's vagina, her inner core is exposed to the counterpart which makes it possible for him or her to caress the inner points with great precision. The counterpart can either use their own hands or other instruments to explore her inside.

A dildo can, for example, be inserted and removed from the woman's vagina to simulate vaginal intercourse or a vibrator can be placed in a place where it remains seated by itself, so she is automatically stimulated without you having to lift a finger. An anal spreader is used to open the anal canal and can therefore be used on both men and women. Being opened up from behind can be exciting in itself, but many also find it pleasurable to be penetrated with either a finger or a sex toy. Both spreaders make it easier to insert the finger or the toy and also provide a unique insight into your partner's insides.

Remember, however, to apply plenty of lubricant so that your preferred choice of spreader slides in more easily and therefore feels more comfortable.

How do I get started?

Many people hide their fantasies from their partner out of fear that he or she will not share the fantasy. However, this can be harmful to one's health and the relationship, so we recommend that you overcome your fear and talk openly about your fantasies with your partner. It may even be that your partner also fantasizes about being examined with a vaginal spreader and that the examination leads you down a more sexual path. But even if your partner does not share your fantasy, you can find other ways to meet this need.

Before introducing a spreader or other sex toys to your partner, you should therefore have talked about your fantasies with each other. In this way, it will not come as a shock when there is a medical instrument in front of him or her, and you ask your partner if he or she wants to play. Many people may not associate a speculum with pleasure, and may therefore need to be warmed up to the idea before it is brought into the bedroom. And once you use the instrument, it is advisable to start slowly so that you can find out how to use it and get the most pleasure from it.

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