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Electro Sex Toys

Electro sex toys use thrilling electrical impulses to stimulate different areas of the body. They are a fantastic choice for dominance play, when your sub is ready to experience different sensations. Explore our selection and find your favourite tools for pleasure and pain.

Electrosex toys - Thrilling electrical impulses

Electro sex toys - what is it?

Have you ever heard of electro sex toys before? Or is the thought of it a bit intimidating to you? Luckily, there is no need to feel this way. Electrosex is defined as a practice where the erogenous parts of the body are teased with electric stimulation. In the same way as vibrating products, it sends electric pulsations through the nerves, creating everything from a tickling and prickling feeling to more intense feelings of needle pricks and muscle contractions. And since orgasms also consist of muscle contractions, it makes sense how this type of stimulation can create great pleasure - to make this contraction even more intense and thereby enhance the intensity of your orgasms. 

With this in mind, we do not doubt that anyone can gain a lot of pleasure from using electro sex toys. You can always adjust the strength according to your liking, so you can enjoy the tantalising sensation no matter if you want a softer feel or want a higher intensity level. 

Are electric sex toys for me?

Are you a beginner and curious about if electric sex toys are for you? It is worth a try if you have experienced problems with orgasms as it helps to make the nerves in and around the intimate parts more sensitive, which can make it easier to reach an orgasm. But they are of course also for anyone who simply wants to try out a new and exciting form of stimulation. 

Before you get started, you need to figure out which type of stimulation you want to try out. Most electric sex toys on the market need to be connected with a separate device for the electricity to run through them. But you can also find some products that work without, such as an electric dildo from Mystim

Another thing you should consider is whether you prefer outer or inner stimulation. A model for outer stimulation allows you to place electrodes on your body (except your head, neck or areas around your heart). This creates plenty of opportunities for variety and experimentation. Models for inner stimulation can be used to tease the inside of a vagina, penis or anus with small pulsating electric waves.

Electric dildos and toys for a new type of pleasure

As soon as you have gotten your hands on an electrosex toy, there is one more thing you need: lubrication. As with other types of toys, it is a good idea to add lube to make the feel against the skin more smooth. And when it comes to these exact products, you should choose a water-based version that conducts the electricity, rather than a silicone lube that isolates it and counteracts the desired effect. 

When you use electro sex toys with outer electrodes, you also need to add a gel to conduct the electricity better and stop it from burning your skin. These gels enhance the feeling of electric impulses. But bear in mind that they should not be used inside your body. 

If you have any doubts or questions about electrosex toys, feel free to contact our customer service. We are always ready to help you out with anything you need. Whether you need guidance in terms of picking out the right product for you or have questions about the functions, we can assist you.

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