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Pain & Sensory Play

Pain can add a thrilling dimension to your sex play. Try a Wartenberg wheel that you can roll over the skin to leave it extra sensitive, or a penis plug to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings inside the urethra. We definitely have a product to make your kinky play even wilder.

Pinwheel - BDSM pain and sensory play

Wartenberg wheel and other pain sensory toys

Many prejudices about pain and sensory play in the BDSM universe exist. For many years having this fetish has been seen as a twisted form of subjecting other people to trauma and abuse. But this is certainly not the case for most people who enjoy this kind of sexual activity. If you take a closer look at what pain and sensory play with a pinwheel BDSM or other tools are, you will quickly find out that it can bring a lot of pleasure to all types of people - and it is far from being any twisted type of abuse. 

Foreplay is often about stimulating each other’s erogenous zones, such as stroking someone gently over the back and thighs or kissing the breasts and moving further and further down towards even more intimate areas. But have you ever tried to stay at this phase for even longer without moving on quickly to actual intercourse and finishing off? Maybe even go a little rougher by scratching your partner’s back with your nails? Many are turned on by this form of pain, and you can use a pinwheel BDSM or other toys to achieve exactly that.

Wartenberg wheel or pinwheel BDSM - what’s it called?

Have you ever heard about the Wartenberg pinwheel? Or do you maybe know it as pinwheel BDSM or just Warthenberg wheel? Whatever name you have used, the product and its capabilities are the same. It was invented by Robert Wartenberg, which explains the name.

In the beginning, it was simply meant for neurological purposes where the little spikes on the wheel would be run over the skin in particular patterns to test out the sensitivity of the skin. Even though this was the main purpose, it is now being used in more fun and arousing activities within the world of BDSM. Here it is used to create a specific type of senseful stimulation that can be incredibly teasing. 

If you’ve never tried out this type of product, you should begin with a model with short spikes. These are less rough on the skin and allow you to test out your sensitivity and get used to the feeling before moving on to bigger things.

Toys for the sensitive nerves in your urethra

If the pinwheel BDSM toys are not enough for you and you need a bit more pain, you can also find other kinds of toys in this category. For example, there are toys developed for use on the penis that not only create pleasure but also naughty and incredible pain. A penis plug is inserted in the urethra and keeps sperm from coming out when you ejaculate. A very different feeling that should be experienced, if you’re very into pain and sensory play. 

Another exciting product that adds an extra dimension to the play is the glans ring, with or without electric stimulation. It can create a very intense and teasing stimulation, like nothing you have ever tried before. 

If you want to know more about our selection of pinwheel BDSM toys or other products, you can always contact our customer service. We are ready to help you out with any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction for your needs.

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